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IPhone app store

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by arnieterm, Nov 7, 2008.

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    I have to work on an IPhone application similar to IPhone app store [device].
    As u all have seen it is a tabBarController application with a collection of navigationcontrollers with each nav bar having their viewcontrollers/table view controller.
    My question is related to memory issue. As I am getting data from a web service and populating them in various tab bar's view controllers/table view controllers
    I will be working on this kind of app for first time. The no. of tabs will be 4. Does it may cause any substantial memory leak problem?
    I am asking this because i have to fill viewControllers property with collection of nagiation controllers.
    Can it be possible that in a tab bar application v can populate data only when needed?
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    Its a very good article on memory issues.
    While reading it, I have again viewed the Iphone app store. You have also noticed that it has a row [Category tab] at the bottom of tableview tapping which it shows 25 new categories [appended] to the existing row.
    How can we do this?
    Also I want to know that doing it this way has anything to do with memory?
    Recently I have worked on an IPhone application that needs to show data in paging fashion. Here I have created a UIView along with Next/Previous buttons.
    Clicking on these buttons clears the existing contents from the UIView [except the two buttons] and addes a new set of controls to it.
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    I'm not sure how exactly, but for your last cell create a button saying "25 more..." when it's clicked, just add 25 more cells and get the necessary data to fill them with.
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