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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Romanesq, Apr 12, 2010.

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    A lot of writers are criticizing the apps from iPhone on the iPad but I've found that not all of them need updates, although some would certainly benefit from it even to just get a landscape mode.

    Apple's remote app on the iPhone works on the iPad. It can be better but the real estate certainly doesn't hurt. It's great to have another option.

    Speaking of options, Texas hold'em looks darn good on the iPad too. :cool:
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    Grrr...and the developers too.

    Civ : Revo on the iPhone is great. It's very good on the iPad at 2x view. They released the iPad version and it's $15!! You don't get anything new..just a a true iPad sceen size app. <sigh> Bought it anyway cause it's my favorite game on any console or OS. Buggy...and over-priced. :mad:

    I have noticed several apps have already had their price reduced or are now free. (Some WERE free and are now $$$).

    Seems like the devs are still getting their feet wet on content and a pricing structure. You'd think with all the work down so far it would be an easy transition. :confused:
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    What writers are you speaking of? Do you have any links?
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    Sleazy E

    I removed all of my iPhone apps from my iPad. They simply just aren't pleasing to the eye at 2X mode.
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    I did the same thing after trying to use a few. I'm not saying all are poor but the Apps I have on my iPhone look terrible on the iPad screen.

    They are bad enough I'm waiting for iPad additions or moving to another App made specifically for the iPad.

    Luckily I use the iPhone and iPad in different ways and so far there is not many Apps I'm missing or need.
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    Some of them are not that bad, Zombie Smash looks very crispy and good even when double pixeled. Yet, it is more playable!!
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    Most of my iPhone apps do look atrocious doubled but Angry Birds isn't too bad actually. I keep debating whether to get Zenonia 2 but I get a feeling it will terrible pixel doubled.
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    Could someone post a doubled-pixel iPhone app running on the iPad? Kinda curious as to how blurry it is.

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