iPhone Becomes Most Popular Camera for Flickr Photos

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    Electronista points out that Flickr's Camera Finder is now showing that the iPhone is the most popular camera used for photos uploaded to the image sharing site. After approximately six weeks of trailing just behind the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, the iPhone has surged into the lead with a spike in activity over the past several weeks.


    Flickr notes that the data is taken on a daily basis and measures the proportion of members who upload at least one photo from a specific camera on any given day. Because not all camera phones include model-identifying information in their metadata, such devices are under-represented in Flickr's data, although model identification is possible for approximately two-thirds of images uploaded.

    Apple's iPhone has long been the most popular of the identifiable camera phones for Flickr uploads.


    Article Link: iPhone Becomes Most Popular Camera for Flickr Photos
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    This title is misleading. The iPhone leads CAMERAPHONES not CAMERAS.
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    Actually, according to the graphs, the iPhone leads in cameraphones, and normal cameras.

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    Maybe you should take a CLOSER look.

    I'm glad the iPhone is doing so well. But damn some company needs to do well also so Apple steps up the iPhone game!
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    This makes sense, since it is the camera that is always with you.

    There are two graphs above.
    The first graph is for all cameras.
    The second graph is for cameraphones.

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    this is cool and all.. but its pretty annoying when you go to flickr to be inspired by all of the professional photographs and its overloaded with cellphone pics. not like it used to be!
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    Well, there are now more AWESOME pics uploaded by professional photographers on their iphones.

    Many would argue that it's the skills that matters, not the camera.
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    Photography is 80% the photographer and 20% camera.

    something like that ;)
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    Oh **** missed the little yellow line. :eek:
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    While I generally agree that the photographer is more important than the camera, there is a substantial difference in image quality when you're using a camera-phone versus using a full featured digital SLR.
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    Great, now I can look at more terrible photos on Flickr:rolleyes:
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    I get the feeling this won't prompt Apple to add a higher quality lens to the iPhone. While megapixels are nice, the lenses can make or break the camera.
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    How terrible for you.

    All these regular people invading realms previously occupied by the elite few.

    You know, I hear the "regular people" are also making, *gasp*, movies now? Where will it end?

    Rampant sarcasm aside, Flickr is hardly a professional photographer's site; it never has been. It's a photo-sharing site.
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    l0lz. Nicely done. I define the "regular people" identified in this post. And it is so true. :D
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    Good for Flicker. I wonder how Photobucket is doing?
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    myspace and photobucket are also photo sharing sites, i would go and say that flickr is at a different level than those two. no?
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    So, according to you, the "image quality" is an important part of "great photograph"? I guess pictures by Rober Capa are crap, since they are black & white, and quite grainy?

    Most of the great pictures that we know of were taken with cameras that have crappy image-quality when compared to todays cameras. By your logic, those are in fact crappy pictures, because you need to have lots and lots of pixels, and all kinds of bells and whistles that improve "image quality" and therefore make the pictures better...

    Seriously: you can take great pictures with crappy cameras, and you can take crappy pictures with hi-end DSLR. No amount of "image quality" will turn crappy picture in to a great picture.

    And Ford is above Lada, but that doesn't mean that Ford is a "hi-end" brand.

    I would guess that serious photographers would be looking at sites like smugmug.
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    Taken with an iPhone 3GS

    I own many professional cameras and the iPhone 3GS IS my everyday camera.


    I laugh when I read the comments on this site. A lot of your speak with authority sound like 10 year olds.
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    Based upon what I've read on MR regarding the iPhone camera complaints, I thought that the iPhone camera was not good enough to take decent pictures. Silly me.

    Convenience and a decent quality camera sure changes things. Glad to see.
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    I'd say that "oh noes we're going to have lots of small photos on Flickr", but they're already all tiny. Why is the default size so small on that site, and most the people I used to follow didn't even include an option for larger viewing. Could do with some upgrades.
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    It's the glass and the sensor. Here's the deal. If you want to shoot pics with your cell phone be my guest. I do and it's fine. The iPhone has an ok camera as far as I'm concerned. But it pales in comparison to my point and shoot G9 and my DSLR (d300). I can't shoot what I've shot with my d300 using my cell phone.
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    Most popular...except for the Digital Rebel

    While the iPhone's growth is impressive, I'm pretty sure that the Flickr graph still shows the Canon Digital Rebel EOS is currently the top camera. The Digital Rebel EOS XSi is the successor to the XTi. Reading Flickr's graph to say that the iPhone is the #1 camera is like reading this graph to say that Firefox was (almost) more popular that Internet Explorer. It's only true if you ignore the other version of the products.
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    But still, the best camera you have, is the one that is with you. Your D300 might take better pictures, everything else being equal. But that doesn't help you one bit if you see something interesting, and your D300 is at home, while your iPhone is in your pocket...
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    Small White Car


    You mean like this? http://8.media.tumblr.com/6jKnmPOPDob6pec5qMlBlHbNo1_400.jpg

    That photo comes from a camera MANY times better than an iPhone camera.

    So, Robert Capa used cameras way better than iPhone cameras. Good job finding an example that's the exact opposite of your argument. Maybe you should think of examples that agree with you instead of fight against you.
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    anyone else notice that the first graph no longer shows iPhone's recent growth?

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