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iPhone cases in UK

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by BlackSoUl, Jul 15, 2007.

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    I ordered an iPhone off eBay and it should be arriving tomorrow - My question is, does anyone know or reccomend a site that sell iPhone cases in England?
    I've only found one with either, pre-orders, cheap silicone cases, or American ones and I don't really fancy waiting weeks for it to come and paying through the nose at customs! lol. I need to keep my precious iPhone safe!!
    Help me out?

    Thanks, Ben

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    ^ I had the same problem Ben - I really wanted one of those black cloth based pouches that come with the ipods, but no one seemed to be selling this on their own. I ended up buying one of those "ipod socks" from apple store - they are not that bad and the phone fits snuggle into one. SHame they only come in one masculine colour - Grey - rest seemed a bit femine.
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    Thanks for your reply,
    I was searching the house for one of my two iPod pouches - I'd completly forgotten about them... Couldn't find them though.
    Haha, yes - I know what you mean about the iPod socks, even the blue looks a bit feminine in "baby blue" managed to find the pink, orange and luckily grey one though. Does the top of the iPhone stick out of the top like some people say?


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    It doesnt stick out as such - u can see the top face of it though (i.e. the chrome bezel at the top) - find its a good fit, shame it doesnt come in a black sock colour.
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    Mine is due here Monday and I was coming here to ask the exact same question!

    I've just won an iPod through the coke promo so I guess I can use the slip case that comes with it, but the iphone is taller than ipods so not sure it'll be a good idea.

    Really want a nice case but they all seem to be state side.
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    Does the iPhone work over here in UK?? As a phone that is. What sort of activation etc do you have to go through?

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