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iPhone Hardware Accessories Prompt App Downloads

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 29, 2009.

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    Image from iLounge
    iLounge reports that authorized hardware accessories for the iPhone and iPod touch now possess the ability to prompt users upon connection if a companion App Store application is required for the device to function and link the user directly to the App Store listing for the required application.
    iLounge notes that the feature was most likely introduced as part of iPhone OS 3.0 earlier this year, but accessories supporting it appear to just now be coming available.

    Article Link: iPhone Hardware Accessories Prompt App Downloads
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    That's cool. While I don't plan on getting any accessories for my iPhone, this should be useful for those people who do.
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    Hmm.. i wish i had seen this earlier. I've wasted money on one of those iCarPlays. They are terrible. I may just return it entirely.
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    Alpine In-Car stereos

    I'm hoping to see Alpine make a move into this market for their in-car stereos with ipod connectivity. When I plug in, it charges my iPhone and plays music from it, but the ipod app on the phone is unusable while the phone is plugged in. It's a pain and could EASILY be solved with an app from Alpine.

    Anyone from Alpine out there???
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    A keyboard dongle and an external drive and external display can't be far behind.

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    what apps?

    This was a big feature promoted for 3.0, anyone have a list of current apps that incorporate accessories? i.e. blood pressure monitors, stereo equalizers

    I would love to know what is coming to the iPhone (controllers, viewing/playing apps on your TV)
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    Dude - check your email...

    177 unread messages?!?

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    Game controller

    when and who will make it? I look forward to purchase one, something like the psp controller would be cool.
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    I have a feeling Tomtom's dock will require it's app ...

    Bad news for those wanting to use it for Navigon.
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    I wish someone would make a compact keyboard for the iPhone.
    There's many times when the iPhone could essentially replace my laptop if I had a keyboard.

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