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iPhone "holster"?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Claypidgeon, Jun 30, 2007.

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    Does anyone have a suggestion for an iPhone "holster" for carrying the phone on a belt? With all the video of Steve and Co and their slick accesories I figured it would come with one, but forgot to really look at the "in the box" details :). I checked out the links to the Apple store but didn't see anything.

    PS: Been lurking in the forums since before November 2006 when I bought my first iMac and MBP. Finally had a reason to register this morning and did the whole process (including confirmation email) on the iPhone. :)
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    Welcome to MR! While I can't name the brands, I know the AT&T store had a couple of models that will attach to your belt. If you're near an Apple store they will probably have a greater number of options. I bought a leather CaseMate for $34.99. It has a belt clip, but I don't think I'll use it.
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    I myself prefer cases or holsters with beltloops, not clips, since I lost my last cell phone due to a belt clip. The holster I'm looking at right now is the Gomadic leather case for iPhone with belt clip and beltloop. It's pricey ($40), but worth it if as good as advertised. I'm awaiting e-mail confirmation from Amazon.com that it is specifically made for the iPhone, not some generic holster.
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    Thanks for the feedback all!

    I think I'm going to lay low for a couple days and see what kind of reviews start coming in on the various designs. I lived with the phone in my pocket all day today and it actually worked out pretty well. I don't know if I want to do that long term though, I've had other phones / devices slip out of my pocket and onto the pavement plenty of times when getting out of the car, etc. I also came across this case on the Apple site, which looks good as well.

    I must say I'll be glad when the "iPhone mania" has subsided a little bit. I was watching today as my phone got passed from person to person at a family reunion. Just wanted to say "give me my baby back!" lol. It got lots of positive comments though, most frequently "Oh my God, everything moves around snappy just like on the comercials!" referencing the moving menus and such. Everyone was definately excited about it, and very impressed.
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    I finally went with the Belkin "Slim-fit" vertical holster for now (check it out here). I've seen a couple negative comments on it but it's similar to other cases I've had in the past so I'll give it a shot. I did note that the description says "low-profile removable swivel clip", and while the clip is definately low-profile, it does not appear removable and most definately doesn't swivel.

    The guy at the AT&T store claims I have 30 days to live with it and return it if I don't like it, so I suppose the only risk at this point is me forgetting when my 30 days is up :D
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    I opted for the same belkin case. Other then the cheesy halogram logo on the metal insert I love this case. The mesh bottom lets the sounds come through and makes it easy to push the iphone up far enough so when you grab it your not accidentally hitting the volume buttons. When in ipod mode, you can easily adjust the volume through the cloth sides. The thing I like the best about this case is it fits inside my front pants pocket with the clip on the top of the pocket. This provides me easy access to the iphone and ads extra protection from minor bumps without having to worry about the whole phone and case getting knocked off and hitting the ground.
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    anyone try the ipod holster? i know its a little too big but does it fit alright?
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    I bought this case too but after only a week it has stretched out enough to where if you turn the case over, the iPhone just falls out I tried returning it to the AT&T store with the receipt (although I didn't have the packaging) and they wouldn't return it because it not having the package. It worked great for about a week :(
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    i really like the incase folio. they have them at the apple store.
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    I have that case. I haven't had it long enough for it to stretch out to the point of uselessness as some here have experienced, but so far I really like the case. It's not a show case which i really don't care for, I'd rather the phone be completely protected, especially the screen which this does very well. There's no steps or buttons or levers on the thing which would make it complicated to remove and place back in the case. It's a straight forward slip it in and out type of case.

    I am however getting the REVO http://www.iskin.com/ as soon as it's available.
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    argh ! this case is ugly and clips are ugly , who put this on the belt ?
    and only cover the down area, looks horrible.. if at least covered all trough the top.

    btw i just dont like clips..
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    anyone know where in nyc i can get my hands on one of these? the apple stores in soho and 5th ave have been sold out.....:(
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    you can always buy one online. not 100%, but at&t stores might have them as well. i wanted to get the cyrstal film cover for the iphone, but all the stores were sold out. so, i bought one online. ordered it thursday night, and it came saturday afternoon.
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    thanks for the info. i just placed my order online w/ apple store but it says shipping by july 16th? the apple store gives worse case scenario so if it doesn't ship by tuesday i will cancel......hopefully the soho store gets some in as i need it by thursday.
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    I tried the Belkin Holster (bought and returned) and the Griffin Elan Holster (at an Apple Store) and then bought the Griffin Elan Snap-in. The Belkin and Griffin holsters were too tight that it was a real push trying to get it in. And even the salesperson at the Apple Store who opened the Griffin Elan for me to try agreed that he too would be scared of throwing the iPhone across the room by putting too much pressure on it to pull it out. iLounge reviewd these cases with a C+ rating. There was a 3rd holster that they liked slightly better and that was the Marware has the C.E.O. Sleeve for iPhone, but I imagine it may have had the same problem. I couldn't find one. I read above that someone said the Belkin stretched over a few days and now was too loose. To me it should be loose enough to pull in and out of quite easily but not pop out if you jumped up and down. Don't turn it upside down.

    Anyway, in the end I got the Griffin Elan Snap-in and am very pleased. It fits securely but comes out without too much force. And you can turn the screen in or out for protection. Plus it has holes in the bottom to hear the ringer and a opening so you can plug in a charging/syncing cable which is great for the car.

    My ideal case is not a holster though I wanted one too, but a soft pouch. I ordered over the weekend and will have in a week or two (coming from Australia) a foofpod bag. They look great and have been highly recommended. Check out www.foofshop.com . I had a Nokia 8801 for the last 2 years and that came with a small suede pouch to carry it in my pocket. The whole phone was stainless steel and it still looks brand new, not a scratch anywhere on it in two years. When I get my foofpod bag I will most likely carry my iPhone in that in my pocket most of the time, but still keep the Snap-in holster for occassional use.

    BTW, I also use the Powersupport Crystal Film which is awesome. Having had their film and case for my Nano, I bought the film before my iPhone just because I knew the Apple Store would sell out. I highly recommend this film to everyone. Goes on easy and comes off if need be. And the responsiveness and clarity is like it's not their. Smudges just like the screen would, but I use my cloth to clean it up.
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    Thanks for the review...just ordered the foof bag for the iPhone also and will probably end up using both as you indicate above.
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