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iPhone in Canada on December 7th?

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 28, 2007.

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    BoyGeniusReport posts an image which supposedly represents a leaked flyer promoting the iPhone for launch on December 7th in Canada.


    The ad is for Rogers network, and claims that pre-orders start on November 20th.

    Article Link
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    This has already been confirmed fake by multiple Rogers reps and the like. Way behind the ball, MRiPB.
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    This is getting ridiculous. Two iPhone Canada fakeouts in as many weeks.

    Personally, with me having my old phone die and therefore having to pick up a new one, I'm happy to live without the iPhone for a bit so justify the money I just spent- but truthfully whenever it does get released I'll be all over it.

    It's just maddening...
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    So fake it's not even funny..

    When I read the title of the article I almost had a seizure.

    Patiently awaiting the REAL announcement.....
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    still no lowered data rates...
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    if apple/rogers sells the iphone for more than $399 in canada (or without an acceptable contract/plan), there are gonna be a whole lot of unlocked iPhones pop up in december...
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    Rogers reps have been wrong before

    When the iPhone was announced, weren't Rogers reps saying it would be available in Canada at different times? Not sure I'd consider them reliable. But that doesn't really prove this is legit.
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    Forget it, very bad design...

    First the logo is wrong, the Rogers circle is on top without the name, also, this layout is so badly done graphically, we should see a full picture of the iPhone, and nothing is justified, meaning the text doesn't balance, left and right ending are not aligned with anything, I wouldn't hired the person who did this fake, very very bad design.
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    Doesn't look like a Rogers ad. Rogers likes to have professionals do their ads, this one looks like student work. First-year student work. It's off-brand and off-message. Too cluttered. Too ugly. The logo is separated from the Rogers name. The student probably got a "B-" for this.

    Put it this way, Rogers, as much as I may dislike them, sends me a brochure for home phone service every six weeks or so, that makes me WANT a bright red 70s-style tabletop phone. This ad makes me want to look at something else.

    Rogers wouldn't drop the ball like that.
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    it also says pre order... Which jobs hasn't/won't do with the iPhone.
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    There is no point to advertise the iPhone without data pricing.
    Also I don't recall seeing Steve Jobs in Toronto or at Rogers headquarters announcing the iPhone.
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    If only the iPhone had HSDPA it could get 1GB of data for $65/month. You could use 33 MB a day of data. I know it is still expensive. Though it is better then the data plans Rogers has for EDGE.
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    Everyone reading this: The iPhone will not be coming to Canada for a long time. The Canadian cellphone market is just not mature enough right now, and is a virtual oligopoly.

    The earliest we will see a carrier with an iPhone deal is before christmas 2008. And that only if there is a significant sea of change in the industry.

    There's only one GSM provider in Canada (Rogers owns Fido) and Apple cannot recreate the bidding war it has in other countries.

    If Apple were to release a CDMA iPhone (Anyone who thinks a CDMA version doesn't exist in a lab in Cupertino is clueless) for the Japan market, that might help start a bidding war between Rogers and Bell for Canadian rights.

    If that doesn't happen, and Rogers is the only game in town, I think it would be more likely that Apple releases an unlocked iPhone for Canada at a higher price point.
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    I agree. CRTC has created a no competition zone in Canada for Rogers. If Fido was not owned by Rogers the iPhone would have been here in June.
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    I know what you mean. The CRTC is just BS crap, just helps the corporations. Quebecor (Videotron) wants to have them open the Frequencies for mobile phones, but Rogers is pissed about that.

    Honestly **** the government body, the CRTC can not regulate ****.
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    Agreed. If I had handed this in in the first semester of my program, I would have failed. Whoever made it did a horrible job.
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    Telus Mobility!!!!!! afterall, Telus is the most similar to Apple in regards to their marketing aesthetic... even their stores are galleryesque like Apple stores. down with Bell and Rogers!
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    Eric Lewis

    if there was a CDMA then telus would win

    there stores are apple with purple/green/white instead of white/silver
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    I agree, the CRTC has ruined many canadian industries through regulation (Cellular, radio, telivision, WiMAX to name a few). The problem here isn't rogers, its the government supporting and ENFORCING monopolies.
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    $499? What, is that before the 2 month price drop?

    That's a joke. $499, yet our dollar is worth more. :rolleyes:
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    2 things....

    First, The ad is a fake, as I design loyalty program coalition email ads for Rogers, as per Rogers specifications, you're not allowed to split their logo (rogers circle top right and rogers wordmark at bottom right), secondly this is not a Rogers style ad and typography and font sizes would not be approved by legal dept. Even, if someone tipped about Rogers iPhone release date, the ad would not look like this. Whoever designed this amateurish ad was probably tipped and wanted to jump the gun first.

    Second, CRTC which stands for "Communism Radio and Telecommunications Commission", they simply tell what Canadians can watch and hear, and what we should have and pay for. This is BS democracy, in democracy you should be able to watch what you want. Instead we get communist monopoly!
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    As Elaine said to Jerry, "Fake, fake, fake, fake. Fake!"

    And annoying.
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    There is another ad online now
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    **** I would rather have Directv in Canada then Bell Expressvu. Hopefully will change soon muhahahah god bless technology.

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