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iPhone in Magazine?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 3, 2003.

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    To add to the whirlwind of rumors... A Macintouch reader claims to have seen an advertisement for an Apple/Sony-Ericcson phone in a "new" Mac Magazine called "iCreate" in the U.K.

    According to the blurb, the full-page add depicts the device, and was "in a local newsagent" today.

    This should be easily verifiable (or discounted) by our U.K. readers.

    Update: Apparently, the "ad" is a concept design by the Magazine.
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    I just ordered a Sony Ericsson T610, im sure i will be pleased with it, even if Apple releases a "designed by apple" cell phone with SonyEricsson.
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    man, I hope this isnt true. I just hate thinking Apple will do a phone, then they wont. Damn, emotional rollercoaster....
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    Actually, I just read the blurb, and it sounds quite shady. I don't believe it.
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    an ad? if its true i hope somebody can post a copy of it. I'd love to see it.
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    Sound like it could be extremely cool.
    I can just imagine the effect Apple could have on cellular phones.

    But Steve Jobs has already told us that he's not going to do that.
  7. TMA
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    I'm more interested in the fact that us UK'ers might be getting a new mac magazine - This would bring the total to a whopping 3? 4?

    The best place here to get a copy of this magazine would be to visit a larger WH Smiths (city branch) or other big newsagent. I'm at work all day tomorrow so I can't get to one. I don't suppose anyone fancies going on a little shopping trip on behalf of all us Macrumors heads? ;)
  8. arn
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    I don't actually believe it... but like I said... it should be verifiable.

  9. TMA
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    I'll believe it when I see it. Very Very skeptical on this one considering what SJ (apparantly) said last Friday:

    "I get a lot of pressure to do a PDA. What people really seem to want to do with these is get the data out. We believe cell phones are going to carry this information. We didn't think we'd do well in the cell phone business. What we've done instead is we've written what we think is some of the best software in the world to start syncing information between devices. We believe that mode is what cell phones need to get to."
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    The link mentioned, iPhone.org, does indeed point to Apple's website. As many will recall, people have in the past registered domains on the behalf of Apple, or rather the Apple rumor community (i.e. AppleUniversal.com).

    But the interesting thing about this one is that if you do a "whois" lookup on iPhone.org, you'll see that the nameservers are NS1.APPLE.COM and NS2.APPLE.COM. For those of you unfamiliar with the workings of DNS, nameservers are queried to get the IP address that corresponds to a domain name. iPhone.org doesn't resolve to the exact same IP as apple.com, but it's clearly on an Apple server, as their FF.FF.00.00 subnet mask matches up. And if NS1 and NS2.APPLE.COM respond to DNS queries for iPhone.org, it must be a live record in Apple's DNS servers.

    Conclusion: iPhone. Real. Soon (maybe).
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    iphone.org points to apple...

    i know that this is easy to do... but it was actually registered by apple when apple.com was last registered.

    strange that apple would own a .org

    iphone is owned by some weird company, so i would think that apple would choose an other name.
  12. arn
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    Yes... it's been a long known fact that iPhone.org is owned by Apple.com.

    Also interesting is that iPhone has been patented by Apple in many countries outside the US.

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    Phoney? Perhaps...

    An iChat intergrated phone or on the go?

    We have the iPod for iTunes on the go.
    Why not an iPhone for iChat on the go, providing that Apple releases their video phone software and develops it into a hardware device.
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    It's been registered, pretty much forever. You can flip back 3-4 years and find people posting threads anticipating when iPhone.org and mammals.com will go live.
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    I can't find their website, does iCreate magazine even exist?
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    Well, they've had mammals.org for quite awhile, too...
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    Always read the small print

    Sorry everyone.

    I am looking at the magazine at this moment (I don't actually have a mac yet - waiting on the 970 - but like to see what's going on). At the bottom it says:
    "The iPhone, iControl, Bluetooth iPods and some other stuff don't exist, we made them up. But we want them. Bad...."

    iCreate seems like quite a good magazine, by the way, although insofar as they've covered iLife, Safari, iCal, Mail, Photoshop Elements, iTunes (etc.) in issue one, I'm intrigued to see what's left for issue two.

    Bad luck anyway...
  18. TMA
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    Well I did a google for iCreate Magazine on both google.com and google.co.uk and nothing turned up. I also tried www.icreate.co.uk but only got a place holder (registered in the UK it seems - Perhaps someone could dig a little deeper into that?) Finally I tried a search at www.whsmith.co.uk for magazines including keywords "iCreate" and "mac" which strangely turned up nothing at all (not even MacUser or Macformat)

    It's looking likely to me that this magazine isn't even real.

    Edit : Started this post before I noticed the one above.
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    never mind
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    I Phone

    Sorry to dissapoint you guys but the iphone most certainly does not exist. I have had this magazine for over a week now and on the bottom of the add it clearly states "The iphone, icontrol,bluetooth ipods and some other stuff dont exist, we made them up but we want them. Bad. The web site www.iphone.org does exist, though, and it takes you to the apple site, so fingers crossed!". Looks quite a good mock up though, I'll try and get a picture of it for tommorow.
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    would someone please just post a scan of the ad?
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    Stupid thread.

    Steve said three days ago they had no plans to enter the phone marked. They do invest a lot in R&D but 3 days is even too fast for Apple.:D (although not much time seems to be spent on quality assurance these days, but thats another issue :p )
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    Here are a couple of pictures of the add.
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    Second picture!
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    Not in WH Smith?


    It's strange that a WH Smith search turned up nowt - that's where I got it (the magazine).

    It's published by 'Paragon Publishing' should you want to know. Nice quality and the authors are clearly in luuurve with the Mac-form as they've splattered numerous gratuitous 'iCandy' shots (of various hardware) all over the place.

    Half expecting to see one of an iMac draped suggestively in a feather boa (while looking back coquettishly over its base) or somesuch, to be honest.

    Although now that image has lodged itself in my mind, I REALLY wish I hadn't been...


    "The hunchback will have something to say about this..."

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