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iPhone Night: Katie's Experience

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by katie ta achoo, Jun 29, 2007.

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    June 29: iPhone Night.

    This morning, I had to get to work at 11 am. I work at a toy store and although a somewhat steady stream of customers came in, it felt like an eternity before my coworker arrived to cover for me. She walked in the door at 3:45 and I bolted! I was out of my Learning Express apron, had my purse in hand and in the car by 3:46.

    I wanted to wear something other than my work uniform to the launch, so I changed in the car; not an easy feat if you're 5'8" and drive a Hyundai Accent. I got changed and had to high-tail it to the bank to pull out money with which to buy the phone. I popped out of my car, ran into the WaMu, and left with an obscene amount of cash. I'd never been so nervous in my life. (I'm always convinced I'll get mugged by everyone.)

    I jump in the car, find my way to Westheimer and cursing everyone who was doing the speed limit along the way. I get to the parking garage at about 4 pm. I ran to the Apple Store through the crowded mall. A few people hypothesized why I was running with such haste: "Nerd must want that Apple Phone!"

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    cool story! I just ordered my iPhone from the online store...yeah 2-4 weeks. Can you post a picture to see how's the interface of the camera application in the iPhone? also, what sections does the settings pane has? Thanks for the reviews, lucky girl!
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    What's your number?

    but seriously, was it worth the trouble today or would picking one up this weekend at your leisure been more civilized?

    really, what's your number
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    It sounds like you had an amazing experience! I went to my local AT&T store at 4:30 and was 26th in line. But the odd part is I didn't buy one. I am going to wait about a year so I can save some $, that and my mom and I are in a family plan with a year to go, and I want my own plan. But being the only person out of 30 to "camp" and not buy one got me in June 30th's paper!

    Anyhow, what do you think of the touch screen? I know when I was trying the demo at the store, some letters that were really close to the edge didn't really seem to work unless you were almost to the exact center.
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    I wanna know if Katie got it Activated yet.Seems AT&T is having a huge problem with this.
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    Man bites iPhone
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    Am I the only person interested in what the back of the iPhone looks like?

    Also, I haven't seen any discussions of the iPhone's battery... if it's easily replaceable (like the vast majority of cell phones) or built-in and hard/expensive to replace (like iPods).
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    Yeah...the activation process seems to be a sticking point for some Katie, so I'd love to hear your experience with that...and of course a report of actual usage as a phone: voice quality, etc. :cool:
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    Katie was a great choice for this blog.

    Even if I know she chosen mainly because in any pics the iPhone would look great in the hands of a professional hand model! :p
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    If you are working at a toy store, there are probably better ways to use your money than on a $500 cellphone.
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    I know when I called my house's landline from the phone, the quality was really clear, but it wasn't very loud with volume all the way up, even in the store with 4 customers at a time and 8 employees. Maybe my ear was misaligned?
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    Great story! Let me ask though, why didn't you just use debit? I too would feel nervous with $700 on me in the form of cash. lol. Also, why did you buy one? I thought MR supplied you with one, unless they're paying you back as long as you blog about it. :confused:

    I didn't get one today due to low funds. But, I interviewed and got a job today, so in the next few months one of these babies is gonna be mine. I'd like an MBP first, so I have a good machine to manipulate the iPhone with. Just out of curiosity, does the iPhone work with USB 1.1 should I decide to get it before my MBP? That's what my iBook G3/600 MHz sports.

    This is going to sound obnoxious so sorry in advance, but had you have read her blog post there you'd have learned that she got the 8 GB model, which is $600. It's closer to $700 with tax. The iPhone is also more than a cell phone. Visit http://apple.com/iphone to learn more. Also, she's an Apple geek as I am. Also, what does her working at a toy store have anything to do with how she spends her money?
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    There, fixed that up for you. :D :D
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    LOL... Nice job TA... hahahaha
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    Katie your not a nerd your a Geek Diva just like me ;)
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    And goodness knows how she spends her money is every bit your business.
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    About the photos. I expected attractive or unique packaging, but the bag the iPhone box was put into for carrying out of the store was a beautiul surprise. Usually the Apple Store bags are stark white with the silver apple logo and a drawstring. The black paper bag with the iPhone pictured on it was brilliant marketing. People leaving with a phone were walking advertisements. I marvel. Kudos Apple!
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    Clix Pix

    Way to go, KT! :)

    I had no problems with activating my iPhone; fired up iTunes, plugged the new iPhone into the USB port on my Mac and the process began. I had my cell phone number ready and my account number ready to port over from Sprint and everything went just fine. The folks at AT&T scrutinized my address, credit-worthiness and whatever else and passed me with flying colors. I made my first call with my new iPhone shortly thereafter and then not long after that had final confirmation on the iPhone that all was good to go....

    The iPhone is gorgeous. The functionality is gorgeous. The very bag they handed me is gorgeous. I LOVE my iPhone and I love the whole experience surrounding it!
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    Mr. Anderson

    And for all those commenting on the money - read her first story....

    and I quote:
    Get over it and move along...

    Back on topic - nice little adventure you had there at the cash line - sort of like the Visa Check Card commercial. :D

    So who was the first person you called?

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    Nice hands in the $ exchange pic. ;) Good job, KT. I also echo the questions regarding activation and if that went easily enough for you? Also, it'll be interesting reading your first posts in here directly from your iPhone.
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    Awesome. Question that's sorta OT: Why do you have two MacBook Pros? If that was me, though I'd enjoy them both, that'd be a bit much and I'd sell one. Prolly the 17".

    I have a question that's very much on topic. People have only posted about how they've SWITCHED To ATT. What about people that want to either take a line they already have on a family plan and make it an individual line, or if someone wants to start their own plan without any existing plan? I'm on ATT already. I hope that makes sense.
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    Of course if you read the story, she talks about going to the bank and withdrawing a lot of money and being worried about getting mugged. Its no biggy to me, people are gonna spend their money how they see fit.
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    the back has the brushed aluminum look. doesn't look like it is easily scratched or very reflective like ipod chrome backs seem to be.
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    The back of the phone is plastic.

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    iFixit has a photostream (lack of a better word) up at http://stream.ifixit.com. The battery is soldered onto the logic board. I'd think if a new battery is needed they'd give you a brand new iPhone, and presumeably they'd transfer all your data to the new one. That's just a guess though.

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