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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by mikemike690, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Hey fellow members I was just wondering if for my birthday coming up to get a iPhone 5 or HTC One? And if the HTC is there any iTunes alternative?
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    You're on an Apple forum, so I'm just guessing people here will be partial to the iPhone. It gets my vote.
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    Well ya I was gonna go with the iPhone but the HTC's design was just amazing!:apple:
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    If you have any music in iTunes you can transfer it over using Google Music. Also, you can purchase music from the Google Play store. As for phone choice, I have an iPhone 5 and love it, but I have read some positive reviews about the HTC One. If you're into big screens and like android, the HTC One would probably be a better fit for you.
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    Thx but how much NZD will the HTC cost? If u don't know USD would be fine.
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    The HTC One looks and feels amazing!!! It's build quality rivals the iPhone. I haven't really used one for more than 30 mins [ played with a developer's version ], but then I've had many Androids including ones from HTC [ EVO, EVO 3D etc ] so I can't give a detailed comparison.

    However, the HTC One is no joke and feels just as nice as any iPhone. Still waiting to get my hands on that plastic phone aka S4 though!

    Between the One and iP5, I'd take the iP5 because I find Android to be somewhat incomplete and too busy. Plus, I'm quite deeply invested in iOS [ including Cydia Apps ]. I love the HTC Sense overlays way better than vanilla or Samdung one..

    It's a difficult pick... I guess it all boils down to iOS or Android !
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    I'm getting the htc one when it comes out on the 19, my iPhone 5 will be a backup
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    macrumors or andriodauthority? :p
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    I think the function of the phone should be a top priority.
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    Apple fanboy

    iOS 6 verses whatever a HTC 1 runs. I have a lot of money (and time) tied up in Apps and music on iTunes. That's why it would have to be something amazing for me to EVER SWITCH! Even then I would always wait to see how Apple respond.
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    op why not go to an att store and play with then and decide. Asking people really may not serve your interest as people have different needs and likes.
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    Or buy the HTC One, install iLauncher and you get a splendid iOS looking launcher with HTC's beautiful hardware/device :) best of both worlds :)
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    Mate we don't have AT&T lol I live in New Zealand


    Thx is that available on the Google Play store?
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    Wow I envy you for not having att. Lol
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    I'm on verizon and mid-contract so while the HTC One looks great I may pass on this, unless I opt to sell this bad boy and pay full price - provided Verizon carries this phone. I hear conflicting news about it being carried by VZW
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    I have a 5 but I was looking hard at the One. After playing with it for a bit I liked it a lot, putting it in my pocket is a no go, just to large and having big hands I still found it need two to operate correctly. It is a beauty but ill stay with the 5. Good luck, I dont think you can wrong with either.
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    Yup, thx mate!
  21. JaySoul, Apr 15, 2013
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    Just said it on another thread, I've spent a few days properly with an HTC One so will post my full thoughts later.


    I've posted my review in the main big HTC One thread. Hope it helps!
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    I am torn on this one. I haven't had good luck at all with my HTC products. They are good phones, but I find the overall experience/quality lacking compared to my Samsung and Apple products. But that HTC One sure is a pretty phone.
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    Is it Sense, or is it some slow updates or anything in particular or more of just an undefinable sense of "Meh" :)

    I am leaning towards adding a HTC One and using that and my iPhone 5 but am a little nervous. I have a Nexus 7 so I know I will be fine with Android.

    Just curious to get your thoughts on HTC and why you feel that way.
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    I think the hardware quality of the HTC handset is better than my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, externally at least. There are a lot of design flaws, both hardware and software wise of the HTC. Hardware there is lack of removal battery and storage. I am already hurting for storage on my phone. And battery time is nowhere close to my iphones or Note 2.
    I dont mind the Sense overlay at all. Its all the other stuff that my Note can do out of the box that blows away the HTC. And the digitizer is poor compared to the iPhone, and merely bad compared to the Note 2.
    I have already had to replace one HTC One X because of a faulty Sim tray.

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    It is quite stunning to look at. This is anecdotal, of course, but I saw a drop test between the iPhone 5 and the HTC One last week and on the first drop from pocket height (as though fishing it out of your pocket and it falls), the bottom plastic trim piece on the front popped on, and the adhesive used was not sufficient to hold it back again, so they did the rest of their tests with that piece missing.



    I envy him for not having Sprint!

    ****** Sprint! :mad:

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