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iPhone Purchasers: Bentonville, AR

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by mergedown, Jun 26, 2007.

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    If so, where do you plan to go?
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    Looks like every store in the area will have it: the two stores in Rogers (including the one at Pinnacle), the one in Springdale, and the one in Fayetteville.

    I'll be chilling at the one in Fayetteville.
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    Have you talked to any of the stores yet for details? Are you planning on getting in line early? Do you think it's even necessary?
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    No, haven't. I doubt it's going to be an issue, not too many people aside from corporate folks have the cash to drop 600 on a phone AND pay out of an existing contract.

    I'm hoping that since most of the college kids are out and there's two Rogers stores, the Pinnacle+Wal-Mart+JB Hunt crowd keeps mostly to the northern stores, leaving Fayetteville a little dry of a big crowd if there does end up being a lot of iPhone attention here.

    I'll probably scope out the Fayetteville store at 4 or so, if there's no crowd I'll just hang out at the stores in the shopping center until a more reasonable time.
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    So you think F'ville is the best bet? I'm in B'ville, just trying to gauge. You make good points.
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    With all of the big businesses Springdale and north, there's little incentive for many of more affluent types to head to Fayetteville for the phone unless they live there. Hopefully I'm not wrong... :)
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    Yeah, not sure at this point for me.
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    No other people from NWA here?
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    Yay, It's quite a surprise to see people around this area on this forum :) I wasn't expecting to see Bentonville or Fayetteville listed on here. So yea, I'll be chilling out at the one in Fay. hopefully there's not a big crowd coz I really don't want to stay in line for more than 20 minutes.... It's good to see you guys here :)
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    Sweet, so there are 3 of us :) Should plenty of phones available!!!

    Ha, unfortunately, I don't think that will be the case. I will wait 3 hours, not sure I want to do any more than that. Probably going to Springdale.
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    I went by the ATT place in Fay. tonight after I got off of work to see if there was anyone camping outside :D and there wasn't any. (would be funny if there was).

    Man, I really hope there isn't gonna be a longggg line at the store at 6 on Fri!
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    Hi all :D I imagine I'll try here in F'ville. I'm very curious to see how the turnout will be. The ATT store in the mall seems like it might be....crazier. So perhaps Fiesta Sq. I can't really hang out for hours and hours so I'll probably drop by 5ish and see how it looks. Good luck to all!
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    Thats exactly what I'm thinking. I don't think the mall would be a good place to go since it's the "mall" lol lots of ppl are always there, but you never know though :)

    Good luck on getting urs.
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    Awesome, another local!!

    We'll have to all come back and tell our experiences after we get our phones.
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    Anyone check their local stores this morning? The store in Rogers had one person camping out at 7:30am today. Fingers crossed that 2pm isn't too late!?!?!?

    If any of you have news in the F'ville area, let us know.

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    There were 8-10 people outside the store at Fiesta Square this morning at 8. I'm not sure if they knew you had to wait till 6 p.m. to get one, or were just wanting to get there early.
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    Is this place close to Jonesboro, AR? :)
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    About 30-ish peeps in line at Fiesta Square - a friend just drove by.
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    I'm number 19 in line at Rogers. Rumor is, f'ville mall only has about 10 in line. Manager says there are plenty to go around.
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    Got mine!

    Was #8 at the mall. I went on a whim (dang Fiesta Square just looked HOT) and was sooo suprised to see so few! So I stuck around and now I'm home with one. What a deal - Haadgen Daas was bring free samples by every 15 mins or so. I had great time! Hope everyone fared well!
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    All went pretty quick, got my phone and the Jam Jacket case in black. Ended up as #20 in line. Rogers store had 100 phones, only sold 50 when I had left.

    Had issues with iTunes crashing on my PC trying to update, so I ended up downloading and reinstalling. Also gave me a strange message about "user needed harvest" or something. So I created a new Apple ID account.
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    I think everyone was worried for nothing... They had about 100 phones at the N. Little Rock store and they sold about 40 in the first hour... not bad at all... People were walking up to the store after six and was just fine.
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    Fiesta Square was hot ... and packed.

    I was #22, but they easily had 50+ there by 6 p.m. Managed to get an 8g, but I don't know how those behind me fared.

    If I had to do it again, I'd go to Springdale or the mall. Not that we didn't have fun hanging out there in the square, it was just a little unnerving seeing that many people and not knowing how many they had.

    Great people there and the AT&T people were very friendly. I just got a little sunburned ...
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    i heard springdale sold out pretty quick.
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    I heard they only received around 30 phones. Rogers had 100 vouchers, had over 40 left when I left at 6:15 and only about 10 more people waiting in line.

    The manager was great, the employees kept teasing us with the phone through the window around 5pm, but it was cool to see it working, even if it was behind glass. We watched them pull out all the accessories, I purchased a black Jam Jacket by DLO. It's very nice. Buddy of mine purchased one that is causing him to drop WiFi. When it's out of the case, it works just fine.

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