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iPhone Purchasers: Boston, MA

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by berkleeboy210, Jun 16, 2007.

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    Where's everyone in the Boston Area headed on the 29th? We have like 6 or 7 apple stores to choose from, and a ton of ATT Stores.

    I'm debating whether to go to Cambridgeside, or the ATT store on Boylston St. by Copley Square.

    Checking things out around noon, if there's a line then, I'm staying. if not I'll just stay in the mall for the afternoon checking back periodically.

    Just wanted to get opinions from my fellow people in the Bean!

    **To the Mod's: I by accident, typed this post in the "Anyone Camping out in San Diego" Thread. could ya delete that post for me?

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    i work in the city, but live in the 'burbs north of boston. leaving work early will be a must (unfortunately, i can't work from home that day since it's my last day in the office before a 1-week vacation). i am thinking of:
    • finding an at&t store or apple store in the city and just settling down in line around 4:00 pm.
    • or heading to a store closer to home to do the same thing
    • or driving up to the NH mall (no sales tax!) and trying to get one there

    i just can't picture where the lines will be the worst. maybe there will be less people in the city as they take off early for july 4 vacations? but then i worry about college students heading to the stores in droves. i'm guessing the mall will be crowded regardless, and i worry a bit about it being a mob there with no coherent line.

    i'm game for tag-teaming standing in line if other people are. that would be helpful to scout ahead to see what's going on in the store, taking bathroom breaks, and getting chai tea lattes at starbucks (my personal favorite) for everyone involved!
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    I actually have the day off on the 29th so I was going to head down to the Apple store at Cambridgeside when I roll out of bed (or around opening time, whichever happens later) to see what to expect the day of. If it looks like there is going to be a line, I'll either jump in it or head to an AT&T store where it should be less zoo-like. Ideally though, I'll just wait in line at a place where they have free wifi.
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    Cambridgeside is the most convenient for me, but I fear it will be for all people. My guess is that the AT&T stores will be the least crowded. I think the thing to do will be call ahead and ask what their policy is in terms of lines, etc. Some places, during the Wii/PS3 craziness, handed out coupons so people didn't need to wait in line.
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    To a secret underground bunker until the hysteria wanes.
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    you better believe i'll be out at chestnut hill.
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    Does anyone know if any of the Apple store locations around here have free wifi?
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    I believe they all do, at least every store I have been to does.
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    I live closer to New Hampshire than Boston, so I'll be at the apple at the Rockingham Mall in Salem, where I always go. And there's no taxes! :p
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    Care of the Boston Globe via Boston.com

    Where to get the iPhone:

    647 Boylston St., Boston
    290 Washington St., Boston
    371 Washington St., Boston
    1329 Beacon St., Brookline
    75 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington
    1 Central Square, Cambridge
    860 Providence Highway, Dedham
    50-60 Worcester Road, Framingham
    25 Franklin Village Drive, Franklin
    98 Lower Westfield Road, Holyoke
    50 Holyoke St. F391, Holyoke
    769 Iyannough Road N187, Hyannis
    1224 Iyannough Road, Hyannis
    90 Pleasant Valley St., Methuen
    1250 South Washington St., North Attleborough
    88 Needham St., Newton
    999 South Washington St., North Attleborough
    140 Main St., Northampton
    1 Sylvan St., Peabody
    1395 North Main St., Randolph
    Route 1, South Main Street, Saugus
    475 Winter St., Waltham
    1018 Riverdale St., West Springfield
    310 Lowell St., Wilmington
    453 Park Ave., Worcester

    Apple Stores

    250 Granite St., Space 1027, Braintree
    75 Middlesex Turnpike, Space 1091, Burlington
    100 Cambridgeside Place, Cambridge
    199 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill
    94 Derby Shoppes, Suite 275, Hingham
    210 Andover St., Peabody
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    Good List. We're lucky here in MA to have so many to choose from. Wishing that Flagship store @ 800 Bolyston was open though for this.
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    Either Braintree or Derby Street in Hingham.
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    Based on my list, looks like the Burlington mall is my desitantion. Both an Apple store and an ATT store in the same location. Can't beat that!
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    im going to either chestnut hill or the ATT/Cingular store accross from my appartment on Needham st in Newton. I get home about 530pm from work so I realize I will be far from the first in line. Hopefully I can still get one though since these places should be less busy than others.

    Is anyone else going to these locations, it would be nice to get someones cell number that will be there so I can call and ask how the lines are shaping up. That way if its a must I can allways claim I have some emergency and leave work early if it looks like the line is getting big
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    While I'm NOT going to buy a Rev A Iphone, I might bring 610.00 dollars to the mall in Salem, NH - and get a Quad iced caramel macchaito at Starfishbucks.

    Then we'll see what stimulant + impulsiveness equates to.

    Likely, not much, being you can't buy an iphone with only 1.67 in change left over from Starbucks, can you?
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    Apple VS. ATT

    So there are more AT&T stores in Boston, but iPhone will only be at "select stores", meaning not franchised, or kiosks.. Although Apple will have more in stock I presume. So, do I risk going to AT&T where there could only be 40 in stock? or do i wait in a ridiculously long line at APPLE on June 29?

    Out of the readers, who is going to Apple Cambridge Side? and who is going to Chestnut Hill?

    And who is going to AT&T? which one?

    c'mon details, people, details....
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    The list in the post above are store where the iPhone will actually be sold at, not a list of all ATT locations. As for how many will be stocked, who knows, but expect fewer people rushing to an ATT store than an Apple store.
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    i'm leaning on going to the AT&T Store in Copley Square as of now. Was debating on Cambridgeside, but I'm thinking it may be too crazy there, as it was just for the launch of Panther when I waited in line it wrapped around the Mall just for that
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    Seriously? wrapped around the Mall?

    I took the day off of work and plan to check out the Cam.side around 9am, don't mind hanging there all day. Here's the reason, i have apple gift cards from Christmas that will give me great deal on the iPhone. So am locked into an Apple store. :(
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    I'm thinking the same...I live just east of Copley Square. I can "spy" on the ATT store pretty easily and wait until a line starts to form.
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    Especially if the rumors are true that if you buy from the Apple Store Activation will be done automatically over the phone. I need to port my number from TMobile, so I'd rather go to an ATT Store and have it done right.
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    yup I got there say around 4:30ish, and by close to 6:00 the line went all the way around to about "Sam Goody's" when that store existed.
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    so how far into the line were you when you got there at 4:30? should i get there at 9am and just hang around the mall til closing? and do i HAVE to get a contract if i buy the iphone at the apple store? The plan is to buy 3. one for me and mysister the third on ebay. do you have to get contracts for ALL 3?
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    yep, for every iPhone purchased, you'll need to buy a voice+date plan.
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    I wanna say that I was a little past the CVS Entrance.... I can't really remember exactly, but this is a different ballgame here. that was for $129 Software this is a $600 Phone + Contract. It's really hard to predict.

    I think come 10am on June 29, I'll call em, and see if anyone is in line yet, and call every few hours until 3pm or so.

    But I'm still 95% I'll be at the ATT store on Boylston Street, it's outdoors and I can work on my Tan before I head to FLA :cool: and I'm not sure how well the apple employee's will be trained on porting numbers and such.

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