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iPhone Purchasers: Central Valley, CA

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by kqwik78, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Sup Peeps!

    Any Central Valley Peeps (Fresno, Clovis) going to be waiting for the iPhone?

    I plan on waiting in Fashion Fair Mall at the new apple store. :D

    Where will you guys be heading too?
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    judging from this board being pretty empty i would say not too many people will be in line to buy an iphone in the central valley. Lets hope im right
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    I'll be getting mine from AT&T in Merced.
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    I'm in Visalia. Looks like we have 1 location, an ATT store. I'm showing up at 6:00, and hoping there is no line. 8 gig for me.
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    well if i get mine... (after practice).. and i still might decide to get mine during the holidays if theres a new revision.. but if i decide to get it now. i will be getting it at the AT&T store at sierra vista mall (the one outside of the mall because the inside one doesnt have them i think and i like the AT&T owned stores more)

    :edit: and i think the apple store here will be too crowded so i wont get it there either :(
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    Good Luck to you all!

    Good luck to all you Central Valley Peeps! Hopefully you guys get your iPhone(s).

    I'm still going to the Fashion Fair mall. I think its going to be alittle crazy there, but I'll take my chances.

    Good Luck again! :D
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    Still debating

    I will be at Fashion Fair..still debating..4GB or 8GB. I wonder what Apple's RATIO is of producition.
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    I believe that there will be more 8GB than 4GB .. I tried calling the Apple store to get some info on inventory and the lady I spoke with was clueless :(

    What time are you heading to Fashion Fair? I plan to be there when the mall opens and hope that not too many people are already there.
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    I just passed the Visalia ATT store, 6 people in line(6:15 am).
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    Well, more traffic in here than I expected.

    I'm from Bakersfield. :cool::D:(:mad:

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