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iPhone Purchasers: Charlotte, NC

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by arcanic, Jun 18, 2007.

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    I've considered it, but really just wonder what peoples plans are for the 29th? If we near launch and we get some info leaked, as to a shortage....I'm willing to camp.

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    I'm in Charlotte and me and a friend of mine will be trying to get an iPhone. What's your plan? :)
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    I'll be there

    Already took off and so did my 3 brothers. We are planning on getting 4 total, depending on the plan prices for my brother but I am a definite buy. I guess since there are only 3 of us replying here no need in camping ehh ;) Anyone heading to the independence AT&T store? I can't stand southpark mall.
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    We're thinking of trying the at&t store in Gastonia, since it's not in the city. I don't think it will be as busy, but I'm concerned that they may not get as many as well.

    Any reason you're opting for the at&t store on Independence?
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    I am off Friday anyway.

    My plan is the AT&T (corp store, not franchise) at the Arboretum in SE Charlotte. I am already a Cing, er a, AT&T BlackBerry customer and want to keep my same number, hence I think this large store is my best bet as opposed to the Apple Store at SouthPark.

    Just make sure you are going to a AT&T Store and not a franchise or "authorized agent". Rumor is only the corp stores will be getting phones on launch day.

    I'll be there around 4:30 pm closing with a book and a lawn chair and would be SHOCKED if there were 99 people in front of me (with rumor of 100-250 phones per store).

    That is my plan.
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    I've got Friday off, so I'm going to head to Southpark around 11:00am, and do a little shopping. I'll periodically check the Apple Store to see if a line is forming. Once it does I'll jump in.:)
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    I live in Beverly Crest, so I'll be at the Arboretum too. See ya there!

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    Small world - I live in BC to (Prescott Place).
    I'm a former Apple engineer and general mac user since 1989, now mostly into Final Cut Studio and HD editing. Look forward to meeting you.
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    Wow, it is indeed a small world. I live at The Preserve (condos). My soon to be wife and I really would like to move in to the neighborhood and get out of the condo. I absolutely love the area.

    I'm going to be checking the store very early friday morning. If I detect a line, I will be planting my butt early.

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    No, its just that its about half the travel distance that's all. At least we will be waiting indoors at south park if there are lines. iPhone + AC... can't beat that :D
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    Ala Gaston Mall! That's a great spot!:p

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    Heh, you're right! I forgot the at&t store had an entrance from the mall.

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    I like the thought of buying it on "Independence" Blvd

    I called a couple Singular/AT&T stores around my area and I could only get one store associate to reluctantly respond to "so, you guys are probably going to be really busy on June 29 at 6:00?"

    The associate a the AT&T store on Independence Blvd gave a thinly veild confirmation...

    He paused--seemingly trying to navigate through the rough terrane of secrets--and then answered in a hush voice that sounded like deep throat he wispered "uh huh".

    For what it's worth.... I think this will be my campground.

    P.S. Verizon was extremely helpful in formulating my escape route. Expensive...but hey I'm one of the obsessive ones. Each night I watch the 25 minute demo before going to bed. Don't worry, I am discussing this with my therapist tomorrow morning. Obviously the meds aren't working!
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    Lol...you're as bad as I am! I'm even getting to where I can't sleep at night....geez, talk about sick! I have NEVER been this excited about a gadget in my life.

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    Well, from reading a few other forums, it looks I might be out of luck.
    I am a small business with four phones.
    Even though we get NO discounts and I was going to pay in person for the phone it appears "business" accounts (tied to an Fed ID number and not an SS number) may be ineligible for iPhones at launch although I cannot imagine why.

    I am willing to pay $599, sign contract ect.
    I am the person that will be testing it for the other three so it is not like I am buying 4 at a time. FWIW we are an all Mac shop.

    Oh well, waited six months what is another 1-2?
    If it comes late August/September before they allow business accounts, then I might as well just keep using my Pearl and wait for rev 2 of see what MacWorld 2008 holds.

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    I just moved to the area. Where are the best locations to go? I only know of the SouthPark Mall Apple Store. I work Uptown, live closer to Concord. I hope the lines aren't too long (and the stock is high) because I have to work until 5pm, but I am not sure what to expect.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    If you don't get off until 5pm, I wouldn't try making it to the Apple Store. By the time you fight traffic it'll probably be closer to 6, and it's going to be a zoo. Go to the AT&T website, and plug in your zip code. It'll give you listings of the stores in your vicinity. You want to look for the ones that say simply "Cingular Wireless". The ones that have franchised or authorized retailers won't be carrying the iPhone upon launch. Good luck!
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    Wow, and I thought it was just me. :) Seriously, I've gotten like maybe 4-5 hours of sleep each night this week. It's crazy--I'm waking up like 2 hours before I'm supposed to.

    Undoubtedly, this is the most excitement and anticipation I've had for any gadget ever. Heck, maybe even any event, period.
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    LOL...and it's gotten WORSE for me!! I'm going to be bald post iPhone, I swear!

    Anyone going to be at the Arbo?

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    Hmm, I have to work Friday but I'll get one eventually. Maybe just order it online. Was born and raised in Charlotte so I know the area well but now I live in Mooresville. According to the AT&T site where you can enter your zip to find an iPhone near you, the AT&T store in Cornelius will have them and that's quite close to me. Might get lucky if I go there. Now to find a way to get out of work. :cool: I think the Apple stores in Charlotte and Raleigh will be sold out first.
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    Let's say that I was thinking about hitting up the Apple Store in Southpark instead of my local at&t store in Gaston Mall. Anyone know where our Apple store is going to have people lining up at?
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    I'm still debating between AT&T at the Arbo or going to the Apple Store.

    I will probably be at the AT&T Store though.
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    Hi Mullman,

    Me too...I've been swarming around the Arbo all day. I'm getting ready to head back out and take another look at the store. If you decide to go to the Arbo, let me know...someone to chat with.

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    That's exactly my question. I went to the AT&T earlier...the girl told me she only knew their stock was more than 10...but how much over, she didn't know. My luck...11. haha.

    If enough of us were planning on camping somewhere, it may be worth it to meet at the same place....just a though.

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    I'll be at the Arbo, no doubt.
    My wife is in NYC all weekend (and went by the 5th store today and saw iLoser, BTW).

    wiki iLoser


    I am off work tomorrow and will commit to be at the Arbo no later than 4pm, probably closer to 3pm. Even if they only get 50 phones I just find it hard to believe that 49 people will wait in line for 2+ hrs, but I have been wrong before.

    Just look for this mug, I'll be there:

    Keep in mind this pic was 10+ years ago :p


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