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iPhone Purchasers: Columbus, OH

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by kgarchar, Jun 21, 2007.

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    Anyone else going to be camping here

    lets get a list of who's gonna be there, I'll start it out

    Easton Apple Store:
    KGarchar (camping)
    Jwa276 (Jon and Girlfriend)

    Sawmill AT&T:

    Polaris AT&T:

    Tuttle AT&T(maybe):
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    Hey There,

    I definitely won't be going to the Apple store. My priority is getting a phone and not the whole "experience". I think the Easton store will be SWAMPED that day. I am going to try an AT&T store and make a final decision on information that is gathered next week leading up until launch.

    I would have like to avoid being in line all day but I think that is pretty innevitable.

    Given that Columbus is a smaller market, what is the vibe you are getting regarding the demand here? Do you know a lot of people that will be camping out? I haven't been able to get a good read on the Columbus market except to say that it is quite different from CA which is where I am from.
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    i'm in columbus as well but i haven't gotten a good read either... i really haven't decided whether i should go to the apple store or to an at&t store..

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    man, easton will be swamped. Easton on a nice day, like we've been having a lot of, friday evening? good luck.

    theres an at&t store at the south campus gateway that has an ad up for the iphone in the window, so i'm guessin they'll be selling it. i'll head over there. only a couple min drive from my place.
  5. indig0blue, Jun 21, 2007
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    kgarchar, afbuckeye, qzak, and others -

    Regardless of where you guys decide to wait in line at, have either of you decided at what time to go? I am thinking more and more that I will need to wait all day but I am not sure.

    What are you guys thinking about doing?
  6. qzak, Jun 21, 2007
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    if i go early at all, it will be like 5, 5:30. no way i'm gonna sit at the store all day long. i really don't think it will be a problem getting one. i could see a line going because it takes time to sign people up, but i don't expect 200 people to be lined up outside every at&t store in the city. if i gotta wait 30 min, an hour to sign up, that's fine.
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    Easton will probably be crazy and you'll be out directly in the sun all day. With the at&t at the gateway or sawmill, there is some shade. All the at&t people I've spoke with have said they expect people to be there when they open up at 10. One of the at&t stores already had cases and stuff. They said they got "plenty" in, but wouldn't be selling them until Friday. So I think I may just drive over to one in the morning and see if there is a line. I really don't want to wait outside all day for it, but I guess I may if I'll definitely get one. My two cents.
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    i don't have anything to do on Fridays, so i just wish they'd display the phones all day Friday, so I could go in and play with one to get a better idea about it before everyone gets off work and the stores become crowded
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    I am repeating a bit her from another thread I made but I think it is relevant since this is a "Columbus" thread.

    TUTTTLE MALL AT&T STORE - One guy said that they will have the iPhone on launch day and will be organizing a "movie theater" type line for people who want to wait. He seemed cool and I appreciated that he was straight forward.

    SAWMILL AND POLARIS AT&T STORES - The other two places that I called were your typical "duh" AT&T employee. Both places said that they didn't know if they will have the iPhones or not. But somehow both of these stores will have security on hand at launch day to handle crowds. Hmmm? I pressed one employee by asking "if you are a corporate store then won't you have the iPhones?". She responded by saying that she won't know anything until 6pm on launch day. So unless the employees are taking a REALLY LONG lunch break then why would 6pm have any significance? And by the way, this girl also said there will be security at her store to handle lines. Lines? Lines for what?

    I am leaning towards Tuttle, but I would prefer Sawmill because of where I live. I think even if I don't "stand in line" until 10am or maybe later, I envision myself sitting in my car early waiting before i get in line.
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    a few apple store workers have said that all the apple stores are going to be having huge releases for the iphone. Also a possibility of giving away some for free. I guess since this is one of the biggest products with the most anticipation behind it, that would make sense

    I'll be going around 6 o clock on thursday night, just so i can say I waited for 24 hours. haha

    i guess it's more because the big gaming nerds have their consoles to camp out for, then I have my iphone to camp out for. I think if a few of my friends come, it could be a fun time.
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    So what great local is going to let me play with theirs If I dont get one, I am not above giving bribes. :)

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    You can play with mine. Not sure how I am going to get a line-wink wink/nudge nudge
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    I'm going to spending next Weekend in Cleveland... I hope the Legacy Village store in Lyndhurst won't be swamped.....
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    I'll be at the Easton store at around noon with a work buddy. Taking the day off for a phone... it's so necessary though!!!
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    I talked to an employee at Easton today who made it sound like they would have plenty of stock. He said he had been there since the store opened and he can't imagine not having enough iPhones for everyone who wanted one. He also said that they would shut down around 5 and completely re-make the store for the event.
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    Easton Apple Store

    I myself am leaning toward the easton apple store. Although the apple store will undoubtedly be the hot spot for the iPhone, it does offer the whole experience. Plus, im almost positive that apple stores will have more units than any retailing AT&T stores. Any ideas on how the contracting may work at the apple store? From what i've heard, Apple store will only be selling the hardware and plans will be bought through be bought/activated through either iTunes or the AT&T site. Does this mean I can buy the iPhone from the apple store and transfer my current account to it by contacting an AT&T representative?

    Neo :apple:
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    I was a little confused when I read the article in The Dispatch this morning that indicated the store at Tuttle was NOT a corporate store? I think my best bet will be to hit the Easton area - there we have two AT&T stores and the Easton store to scope out. A guy at Tuttle AT&T told me that if you do buy at the Apple store, you would have to physically come back into an AT&T store to activate (I am switching from TMOB) That makes NO sense to me - Apple is all about the experience..

    see you guys Friday!! Who is bringing the TimBits??

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    I am still trying to decide whether to go to Easton or hit the Sawmill AT&T store. Do you really think Easton is the best bet? What time are you going to get there?
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    Since I have to pass the Sawmill AT&T store to get to Easton, if it looks empty at 9 or so, I may just park it there.. I just hope the store tells us how many units they have (at 10 AM opening?) so people can leave if necessary.

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    So I started out a list, post in the thread where you'll be, and I'll update it.
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    I live right across the street (pretty much) from the Sawmill store, but I (like others have mentioned) am going to the Apple store because of the experience.

    God I really hope they have enough phones.... I am going to flip out if I don't get one on Friday.

    Hopefully that long time Apple Store employee knows what kind of crowd he might be dealing with. :eek:
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    I am breaking down and going to the Apple Store. After much deliberation, I think I want to have the "experience" of being at the Apple Store for a launch because who knows when something like this will happen again.
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    well, remember to balance the experience with actually getting the iPhone. I am still wondering where my best chance will be...

    whats the weather for Friday?

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    Friday, June 29th -
    Partly Cloudy -
    HIGH - 80
    LOW - 60

    I want to have the experience AND the phone. I plan on being at Easton somewhere around 8 or 9am. That should be enough to secure a good spot in line.
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    Let me just say good luck to you all boys and girls, i wish i could be there with you.


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