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iPhone Purchasers: DC Area

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by AirmanPika, Jun 23, 2007.

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    Well since we have 3 Apple Stores and god knows how many AT&T Corporate Stores where will you DC people be hanging out and when do you plan to go?

    I'm thinking either the Pentagon City Apple Store or the AT&T Store near my place in Alexandria. Not exactly sure when I wanna try to get in line though. I'm hoping that our dearth of stores will help spread things out a bit so I won't have to go TOO early.
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    You keep using that word (dearth). I do not think it means what you think.

    Also, I'd check to see if Mall Security at Fashion Centre has any objections to people standing on line inside the mall, and if there's a time they consider too early. Worst case, go to Falls Church, since it's an outdoor store.
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    I'll be at the Potomac Mill's at&t store. I thought about the Apple stores but I think there are a lot of at&t stores around here so hopefully they wont run low.
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    Bethesda Row for me; no reason to drive all the way to Virginia for this (not to mention; Pentagon City and Tysons will be the obvious places for random suburbanites to go. Bethesda has a fun downtown, worthwhile restaurants for after the phones are bought (in sharp contrast to those awful ones they put into Tysons, much less the slim pickings in Pentagon City) and is Metro accessible to boot (again, in contrast to Tysons).

    Still, good luck :)


    PS we have many more than three Apple Stores:
    Bethesda Row
    Montgomery Mall
    Tysons Corner
    Pentagon City

    Even if you're somewhat dubious about Annapolis (it's only about 30 min from the center of the city), the other five are... more than three...
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    How do you think the crowd size in Bethesda will compare to Silver Spring? I'd think there would be more rich tech-types going to Bethesda. :) Are there a bunch of Cingular/ATT stores in downtown Silver Spring too?
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    I've been trying to figure this out, too. Something tells me Tysons will be the most crowded, based on just the normal traffic they seem to get every time I'm there.

    But, when I was trying to get an MBP the first week and once before when I was trying to find something else I can't remember right now, it seemed that Tysons just had better inventory than the other Apple stores around here. Have you guys had that feeling?

    My big fear is still that they will run out of 8Gb models and I'll have to decide between a 4Gb or waiting a few days. If so, I'll probably wait.

    If all the stores are getting the same number of units and the same split between 4 and 8, then I might try Clarendon. The AT&T store down the street is pretty clueless in general, and having waited for this phone for at least 10 years now, there would be something satisfying about buying it at the Apple store.

    Plus it's bad enough having to cross over into that blue state 8 times a year to watch our football team play. I try to stay this side of the river, at least in the offseason. :)
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    Chip NoVaMac

    I am not telling in order to have just a few less in line... LOL
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    oh buh you're right. My brain must be broken again. Stupid cold.

    Yea actually I agree. No one had the MacBook Pro the first day the CD2 ones came out except them. Too bad they never answered their phone and I didn't know till I personally went up there myself to check.
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    I'll be at the Bethesda Row store too, I think. It's either that or Montgomery Mall. They're both a couple miles away from me.
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    DC Area iPhone Buyers

    Hi Folks ~

    just wondering where you think the best location will be, and when one might need to start queuing up.

    Pentagon City? Clarendon? Tyson's?

    I'd be happy to meet up with some MacRumors folks while we stand on line.
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    I'll be at Clarendon, although I'm sure it will be mobbed...
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    If I end up lining up, it'll be in Columbia - either at the ATT store or the Apple. Haven't decided which.

    The question is, am I still in the DC area or am I in the Baltimore area? Although Baltimore is just a suburb of DC, so I guess it's a moot point. ;)
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    I may end up going to Tyson's
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    I will be in Clarendon A.S.

    I will be at the Clarendon Apple Store early on the 29th. Taking the day off work.

    There is an AT&T/Cingular store near my office in DC that will be selling the phone and surely it will have a much smaller line (and surely it will have far less iPhones in stock). If the line is completely out of control when I arrive in Clarendon, I will likely bypass and head into DC for the Cingular store.

    Word from a mall-based Apple Store is that "they" (Apple? Mall security?) won't be allowing camping out or even a line until late in the day... This concerns me.

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    I am not picking up a phone at launch, but I probably would go to Pentagon City mall. Camping there would be sure easy as there is a bench right outside the Apple store (or you can hide in the Sony style store, but you may need 2 ppl for that). The metro runs right to it so it could be on a list of places to go (along with Bethesda, and I think the metro goes to Tyson's as well).
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    I will be waiting a few weeks before I get one, I think, but I would recommend avoiding the Bethesda store. It is small to the point of being cramped. It will get ugly on Friday. I'd say go for the Montgomery Mall store. Just up the road a little bit, really.
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    I wish the metro ran to tysons but alas it doesn't.
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    Tell you what... everyone ELSE go to Tysons. Blakespot and I will go to Clarendon. That will work out sweet! :D
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    Dang, your right, I jsut checked the metro map. I could have sworn it did. Are there talks about extending it to McLean?

    Hehe, Clarendon is only 5 stops from Pentagon City. To get to it wouldn't be hard. Shoot Bethesda is only 14 stops away. That is what 20 minutes?
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    Don't you listen to the radio? ;)

    In all seriousness, they are planning to expand the metro out to Tysons, but it will be a while.
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    and clarendon to pentagon city requires switching lines which will at a minimum during rush hour take about 20-30 minutes, much longer during off rush hour times because you could hit those 15 minutes wait times.
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    I don't, my Antenna has been broken ever since I came back from Hawaii (stupid VA law and reflective tint don't get along).

    Potentially faster than driving or riding the bus.
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    If I go anywhere it will be Tysons.
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    Eh, during rush hour you could get from Clarendon to Pentagon City (or vice versa) via metro in more like 15 mins. It'd be a crowded ride, of course.

    It's either Clarendon Apple Store for me or that Cingular store near my office in DC. Both have Starbucks within sniffing distance. Of course, if lines end up being NOT allowed and it's more like hoard formation, it might be advisable to wear a pair of Depends undergarments so you don't loose your place in the mob with a bathroom run. :-\

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    Btw, I'm almost positive I'm not going to buy one right away - I mainly want to finally get a chance to see and touch and use an iPhone in person though.

    My current Treo 650 basically gets the job done, but it's pretty tough using the Treo's web browser and e-mail client (not to mention that mp3 playback and video playback are terrible experiences) knowing the iPhone is around now.

    My AT&T contract does expire at the end of this month though, so who knows...:)

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