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iPhone Purchasers: Kansas City, MO/KS

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by Salty Pirate, Jun 24, 2007.

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    Salty Pirate

    Apple Store on the plaza or AT&T stores?

    I have a foldable chair with shoulder strap, a pillow, a sleeping bag and a cooler full of red bull & water. My nano. a small flask of vodka:eek: hidden on my person.

    I am gonna drive around on the 28th and if I see lots of people in line, I will just stay out all night, but realistically, I am thinking about getting in line at 8 or 9 after a huge breakfast.

    What say you?
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    Don't forget your Porta-Potty.:D
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    Salty Pirate

    yes. that might be a problem. Maybe I should wear Depends™?
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    I can't imagine that Plaza security will allow camping overnight at all. I've got a CLE in the morning and I'll be down to the apple store shortly after that. Check out the AT&T store if you *want* to camp. This is KC we're talking about here...we're low key.
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    Salty Pirate

    I really do not want to camp. I want an 8GB phone on the 29th. I guess I will line up in the morning and sit outside all day. Hopefully, it will be fun with cool people.
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    My girlfriend and I were thinking about camping down there at the Plaza. However, we'll probably just end up at a Cingular store because I need to also set my mom and sister up for a plan (w/ different phones, of course).

    Also, we live in Blue Springs, so the Plaza is kind of a far drive.

    However, as "low key" as KC, remember the game console launches?

    God, I waited for 40+ hours to get my PS3, smack dab in the middle of Missouri, lol.
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    Funny... I was just at Gamestop over by OPMall. They had a bunch for sale. But, no Wiis...:eek:
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    Salty Pirate

    I am leaning towards the apple store on the plaza.

    easy access to starbucks and food. Maybe spend part of Friday afternoon at Kona getting juiced up!

    I am really getting excited. This week is gonna suck.
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    This is getting scary. I'm planning on replacing my Rev. A 15 inch Aluminum PowerBook with a low-end MacBook this weekend. I also wanted to take my girlfriend to see Ratatouille on opening night. I was hoping that this meant going down Thursday afternoon, but it looks like there might not be a midnight show (darn kids movies) and so I'll be going down Friday instead. While it would be sweet to get to see the iPhone in person on opening day, I don't want to be caught up in the mob scene just trying to get my MacBook. Maybe I'll show up at the Apple store at the Plaza at 4 pm, get my MacBook, go get some dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen, head back around 6:30 or 7 to get a gander at the new shiny, and then head out to the movie for a 9 or 10 screening.

    Any word of the stores closing down to reopen at 6 pm? It would suck to get there and have the store closed.
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    There is no way I'm going to the Plaza for this. Your chances will be slim there. I was at the Plaza for grand opening day (I was first in line:D) and it was a mad house. I will find a nice quiet AT&T store up north somewhere.
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    Salty Pirate

    all part of the fun
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    If you're bringing Red Bull and vodka I'll join you. LOL
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    Salty Pirate

    plenty for everyone
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    Yeah the hanging out is cool and fun but if you really want an iPhone it's no fun if you hang out all day or night and they run out.
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    Salty Pirate

    "cold sweats" "vomiting" if they run out
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    I wish I still lived in KC!!! Not only woudl I get iPhone service but I could have some Vodka too!

    Unfortunately in NH there is such limited cell phone service at all, and ATT has like no presence in this part of the state! I love the mountains until they get in way of me owning an iPhone!!!
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    Oh No, there's Kansas City campers?! I was hoping while reading this forum I wouldn't see "Kansas City" on the list and I could show up at 3pm or so with a couple of people in line. I could hope couldn't I? :)

    Is everyone really going to go as early as 9am? Almost 9 hours? I guess I waited longer for the Wii and PS3... but for a cell phone? Argh.

    I'll be camping at the Plaza because that's the closest for me. Ironically, I'll probably be using my Macbook with Sprint's EVDO card while waiting to get an AT&T phone.

    Hopefully we'll get average inventory numbers for Apple Stores and Price Plans before Friday.
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    I'm too poor to buy an iPhone, but maybe I should visit the plaza store and just hang out and drool over tech that I can't afford, and maybe meet some new friends in the process.
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    Just went to the Plaza store a couple days ago... after the remodel.

    I kinda liked the old layout better. Plus... I didn't see cash registers?! Am I just blind?
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    Salty Pirate

    not blind. They do not seem to have registers anymore, they have these really cool wireless handheld POS units that they swipe your credit card and a receipt comes out. Not sure how they handle cash though.
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    Where are you guys going to activate your phone? I don't think they'll do it at the Apple Store.
    I've never been to an AT&T store, so I have no idea where they are in the Kansas City area. I looked up on Google, and there's only one titled AT&T and seems like a store but it's in Lee Summit - 3101 SW Roberts Dr
    Lees Summit, MO 64082

    The others look like offices, and some places are popping up like Penn Valley Community College and Dutchguard. Do these places have an AT&T store?
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    Is the Apple Store any larger after the remodel?

    The only time I've been there was during December. The store was tiny and packed, packed, packed with people. We were on the Plaza gazing at the lights with the kids and I specifically needed to get a "foot" for the iBook. I got one and quickly left.
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    There are official AT&T stores in Lees Summit, 2 in Independence and more Im sure.
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    No, They just moved the Genius bar to the back where the registers were (there both at the same desk now) make the kids area smaller and added a table with 4 Macs for training over near the iPod accessories.
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    I am thinking there will be a big line at the Plaza Store. Last summer when we bought our son a computer for college (plus the free iPod) the line was huge.

    When the store initially opened, the line was huge. I'm not sure if Plaza security allows camping but if you are looking to stand in line, you best get there very early.

    As for me, I will drive by the store on my way to and from work Thursday and Friday just to drool with envy at the people having a shot at getting one the first day. :D

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