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iPhone Purchasers: Las Vegas, NV

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by Nagooya, Jun 24, 2007.

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    Do any Vegas buyers know how strong the presence of the iPhone is in Vegas, and if the Fashion Show Apple Store is expecting huge crowds?
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    The fashion show is the only place for anyone on or near the strip to get the phone. Of course, locals dont live on the strip, and the affluent ones you'd expect to buy the iPhone live either southeast or far west/northwest of the strip.

    But, its also the only Apple Store in Vegas. I'd expect large crowds. Its a shame the next LV Apple store wont be open until early next year (but its still on the strip - which sucks for locals since we hate going down to the strip). More importantly its indoors and every AT&T store is outdoors, and in 100F heat, you'll see more people opt to wait in line inside in a mall than outside in the sun.

    I will be at the AT&T store at Charleston and Rampart in line. There are two AT&T stores in close proximity and I hope that means decreased crowds (but then again its in a nice part of town). Prolly get there around 3pm based on how long the lines are as I drive by and check it out throughout the day.
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    I'll probably get to the fashion show at 12 or 1 because I live in SoCal but i'm going on vacation to Vegas w/ my family and i have to get it in Las Vegas because we leave Friday morning. I hope it's not too bad!
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    Yea, the earliest people could line up is around 930 or 10am, so 12 or 1 isnt bad. You'd figure they really dont have room to have 100 people in line around the store but we'll see. They're going to have to put those people somewhere...
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    Well, i've never seen this Apple store, but is this mall quite popular?
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    yes very, its the mall that looks like a UFO and they play giant apple advertisements on a huge screen that can bee seen when your going down the street, its pretty much impossible to miss it.
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    Haha! I actually do remember seeing it now, when it was being built a while ago, but i've never been in it.
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    yea I haven't been in since it looked like a yellow submarine which I think was about 8 to 10 years ago. it but I always watch the apple ads when we drive by it
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    One Per Person ?

    somehow i need to get 6 iphones, from what i can recall apple has never had a one per person rule even on other bigger releases like 10.4, if i can only buy on per person i need to find 5 people to wait in line with me.
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    Doubt they'd limit the number sold, I don't think they are expecting to run out. But I do have to ask, why the hell do you need six iPhones?
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    why do i need 6 phones

    for my millionaire boss, he only needs 5 but i need one i think he plans on giving them to friends as gifts etc. not really sure.
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    You're going to have to buy them at the Apple store since I'm assuming the AT&T stores will activate it there for you.
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    I have got only two potential buyers with me, and about 5 others just to hang with me. They will be able to grab you the iPhones if you need. I am in Mexico, so calling me is out of the question, hit me up through email.
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    I will be on 215 & Flamingo AT&T store. I plan to get there around or much before 10:00 PM the night before, Yes i am crazy! Had my name on the waiting list there, but I seriously believe that list is completely pointless. I don't think the lines are going to be as crazy as waiting for a PS3 or Xbox 360, or Wii :) But I do believe there will be small popularity the night before or day of release. I was there at the Fashion Show for the iPod Mini 2nd gen release, and that line was INSANE! So expect it to be like 5x longer for the iPhone.
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    There is a store there? I never noticed it (and its not on the directory on AT&Ts website either).
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    Ya, i need 3, and I hope we can get them because of this possible limit thing.
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    Yeah the 215 & Flamingo store is basically brand new opened up back in April or May, it's nice, It's got a target right there to stock up on supplies on food, it has a tropical smoothie right next to it that just opened up next week, and for etc.

    It's going to be a nice opening day for me. I get back from Mexico on thursday in the afternoon then it's straight to the store!
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    Just be sure to bring some mace or something - they're been a string of armed robberies in the SW part of town recently (hybrid gangs - not bound by race but by high school cliques at school).
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    need people to wait in line w/ you for an iphone?

    I have a whole slew of people who will join me in line with you so that you can have as many iphones as you need. I will have my people at the Apple Store at the Fashion Show Mall at whatever time you want them there. Message me with the number of people you need and what you are willing to offer (per person).

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    i wonder if they'll be having a giveaway of the sort they had with 10.4? i won a 1gb shuffle that day.
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    I wish they would have a drawing, but I think a lot of the attention is going be focussed on the at&t stores. Like Steve said, head over to an at&t store instead of an :apple: store, because it's going be insane. Although there is a lot of information that has not come out yet for the iPhone that we still need, like if there is going to be specific plans and pricing and etc. We have roughly 4 days left and time is going by really fast.

    I cancelled my T-mobile service back in March and went to a GoPhone and have been on there since, which has been very pricey because of how much I talk and text. But the iPhone was the reason I switched so even if this product is completely buggy and crappy, I am still going to love it.

    I became a fan about year and a half ago when I bought my first mac and have been obsessed ever since.

    But :apple: is taking a big chance by expanding this market, and although stuff is calling it close by releasing certain things I think it's best.

    Apple also likes to release certain suprises after a product is released, so hopefully there is a little suprise that is in the iPhone we don't know yet about.

    But you will expect me at the night before and launch date. It should be a very fun time.
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    I took my whole Family to that Event. We got Everything but the Shuffle, and the MacMini... We walked out with a 15" Powerbook, and the Video iPod. it was a blast. Almost 2K in merchandise for the 10.4 Release for me. :)

    They won't be doing an Event similar to that release. They advertised that and were allowed to tell people that a long time in advance. The employees were telling me to come, and the lines into the store stretched all the way down almost to the stairs to the South of the store. I would guess close to 600 people were in Line for that Event, so to see 250 People in line wouldn't surprise me at the Apple Store on June 29th. However when they closed the store at 4:30 - there were only about 20 people in line. So the majority of the people that showed up - got off of work around 5:00 and that's when the line got really long. Towards about 7:00 the Store was PACKED and the line had about 500 people trailing out the back.

    However due to the fact there are closer AT&T stores to people's places of employment / homes; and due to the fact that this is a broader release, I would expect to see close to 300 people at each location. As a minimum. Now I'm not talking about 300 people being there 3 days early - or whatever happened for the PS3, Xbox360 releases, but at about 5:00 you'll see the lines start to double in size.

    My Guess - Showing up at 1:00-2:00 in the afternoon will put you in the top 50 in line - probably guaranteed. Before that - It'll just be the fanatics (Like me!) and good socializing, but not necessity for obtaining one of the pieces of Mana from Heaven.
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    They have a movie coming out that same day.... What a coincidence....
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    Ok, so apparently since that 215 & Flamingo store is so new, I can't find details about it anywhere if it's a corporate or franchisee, can someone please call them and see which is which?

    I can't do it here since I am in Mexico. I don't know the exact address, but the zip code is 89147 there.
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    The store is new enough to not show up anywhere, but the 100-block is 4200 S. Grand Canyon.

    It looked like a corporate owned store (there were no other signs for any other carriers), but I'm not 100% sure (though I did drive by it on my way home from the parents).

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