iPhone Purchasers: Norfolk, VA

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by timb, Jun 25, 2007.

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    I just talked to a guy at the Apple Store in MacArthur Center. He said they will have iPhones on Friday, no idea on stock.

    Anyone interested in meeting up and waiting Friday afternoon with me?
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    What Time?

    What Time you headed up?? I live about 5 miles from the store and figured I would go up there.
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    i was going to go up there also, hoping i would be able to get one if i go there around 3
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    I'll be there. I'm up in Newport News and have been debating all week where to wait for this thing. Still think the apple store is a much better (and pleasant) option than my local AT&T store.

    Still not sure when I'll venture down there. Glad it's in a mall, at least I know there won't be overnight campers to compete with.
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    I'm going to swing by all the Cingular / ATT stores on the peninsula Thursday night and see if anyone is camping. (Though I can't imagine anyone camping on Jefferson Ave. overnight, that's pretty much on the corner of Mug Whitey Dr. and Stab Whitey Ln.)

    In all likely hood I'll hit up MacArthur around noontime on Friday. If there's a line we can all just stick together and chill out. I'd recommend bringing fold out chairs. (I have two extras I can bring if anyone needs them.)
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    I just know that there is going to be a much larger crowd than any of us can expect.

    I went to the opening at Macarthur, and it took an hour to get in there – that is with people moving in AND out the entire time. I also was near the front of the line.
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    Yeah I'll meet up with you. Just let me know when your going to be there. I originally was planning on being there at 1pm. The :apple: store will be closed at 2pm for preparations.

    We can monitor the line and hold spots for bathroom breaks, food, coffee. etc. The store has free Wifi so I'm brining my Macbook.

    I live in Va beach but will be leaving work in Norfolk. Let me know.

    A part of me thinks the same thing. But I am also thinking that the phone is $600 & $500. Plus a two year contract w/ credit checks. I don't think we're going to have mass lines like we did for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

    I'm pretty sure there'll be more then 20 ppl in Hampton Roads that are going to show up at McAuthur for an iPhone but I don't think we'll have campers like we've seen. I don't know we'll see Friday morning when the mall opens.
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    I'll be there around noon with my MacBook Pro, two batteries and a Nintendo DS in tow.
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    Good, I'll see you there.

    Been checking around on local forums and not alot of people are saying they are going to make an appearence for the Friday launch. They either are going to wait, say it's too expensive or don't want to cancel their current contract.


    I've camped for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and you wouldn't believe the amount of people who came and called everyone they knew to jump in line with them so they all could sell on Ebay. Those are the guys I'm afraid of.
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    Yea, I saw the same thing with the Wii (though I lucked out and got one at Costco).

    I don't think we'll see a lot of eBay scalpers for the iPhone; Apple has already said they have plenty of stock online for shipping.
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    I don't think that's going to be much of a deterrent. While I think the activate over iTunes at home feature is really, really cool -- it's way too ebayer-friendly.

    Still wondering when I'll head down that way. Anyone going really early? I'm pretty sure I'm taking the whole day off.

    My bro called the store earlier today, no details, they did expect to be open to midnight (and beyond) to make sure they could accommodate everyone. Really hoping they have to stock to make that possible.
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    Wow, that sounds great. I really hope they have enough stock to last that long.

    I figure most people including myself want to buy the iphone and get home asap.

    How early are you planning on being there?

    I thought the Mall opens at 10am?
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    It does open at 10 AM.

    Unfortunately I can't be there until around noon.

    Has anyone thought about the mall security booting us out for loitering? That's the only thing that worries me.
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    I have a question to you guys. I will be going to Apple Store in MacArthur Center to get my Dad an iphone since he can't do it himself because of work. Can I just go in there, pay them cash, and go home? I don't want to be waiting in line there then finding out I can't buy it with cash, they need a credit check, etc. [I watched the apple video, just making sure] My Dad will be giving me about $700 cash to get him one. Will I be ok and be able to get him an iphone when it's all done?
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    cash should be OK...

    Hey, I am headed down there around 3pm... I am a pastor and cannot get
    away really, but I want one of these bad. You guys open to working with
    each in holding line space for bathroom, food break? I think if we work
    together we can make this great on all of us. I know others will be there
    who are MacRumors people, but I hope all are friendly.
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    I'll probably be there around 10. The store said they were fully expecting lines, I can't imagine they wouldn't have some plan in place to accommodate us at least during regular mall hours.

    Based on the fact you can activate (including credit check) from iTunes, I'd guess that shouldn't be a problem. But I know I wouldn't be willing to take that chance. Unfortunately no one has a definite answer right now.
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    I know I shouldn't be worrying about this cause apple explained in the video that activation will all be done on itunes. It just feels like that when I go there on Friday to buy the iphone in cash, they may not sell it to me.
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    Edit: I stand corrected, merchants can refuse cash transactions. That coupled with the post below, yea, it's a good bet you won't be getting one.

    (I'm assuming they don't want to have $50k worth of cash sitting around the store. That's a robbery waiting to happen.)
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    The ATT store here in Fayetteville, AR has posted a notice that they will not be accepting any cash payments on Friday after 6
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    Wow, I would but I can't leave work until around noon.

    If I PM you my phone # can you call me if the line starts to get nasty before Noon??

    If it's more then 30-40 people. I don't know.
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    It looks like I won't be going since they may not accept cash. I guess we'll have to wait. Thanks for the reply!
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    Well, I can show up between 10 and 11 now. If anyone wants me to call them with a status on the line, PM your phone number and a time to call.

    I'm thinking it would be best if all the MacRumors people clustered together in the line. That way we can easily take bathroom breaks, food runs, etc. and we're pretty much assured phones.
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    Sounds good to me.

    Yeah, I'd be happy to make any status update calls too.

    See you all tomorrow...
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    I am going to head to the mall at ten, if the line isnt long i am going to go see live free or die hard in the theatre and then come back, if theres a line already i just watch the bootleg copy on my ipod
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    Yup, see everyone tomorrow.

    For reference, I should be wearing a black Apple Developer T-Shirt with a giant "X" on the front. Should be easy to spot. :apple:

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