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iPhone Purchasers: Providence, RI

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by shecky, Jun 29, 2007.

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    anyone lined up at Providence Place yet?
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    providence place mall

    First one in line, 4.5 hrs left
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    Any idea if there's open WiFi there, in the line area?
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    you are the 1st in line and nobody else is there? or you are the first in line of a bunch of people?
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    3:30pm, I'm (best guess) 75th in line. And there is open WiFi. Interesting mix of people - about half look like diehard Mac folks, the other half not so much. I was expecting it to look like the same group as a store opening but definitely not.

    An Apple employee is handing out bottles of water, which is nice. (It's an indoor mall, nicely air conditioned.)
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    holy crap... im surprised providence got that many people. cool.
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    Projo story at

    4:45pm, best guess 90 people in line now. Took a brief walk. The first person in line said he got here at 6:30am. Looked rather tired.

    Chatted with the Apple Store rep in front of the store. Knowledgeable friendly guy, one of their trainers. He didn't know inventory levels, or didn't want to say. But he had a smile on his face and didn't seem nervous there would be a riot...

    The store is covered in black curtains as others have posted elsewhere. Took a photo, but didn't bring a cable so no way to post.
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    Nine minutes...

    20 ppl allowed in store at a time. Buyers to the left, those who want to play to the right.
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    Got it, doing signup now! slow, but could be the local wifi.
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    I bought two iPhones at the Providence Place Applestore at about 10:10 p.m. A 8 gig for me and a 4 gig for the wife.

    They had plenty of phones left and shoppers were being sent from other out of stock apple/att retail locations to Providence to buy.

    I feel bad for all you folks who had to wait around all day in providence place. Esspecially in Prov. Place. That nuthouse. lol.. :p
    I guess the wife and I got lucky. :D

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