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iPhone Purchasers: San Antonio, TX

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by oxymoron2007, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Seeing that SA town is where AT&T is headquartered I was wondering why there was no thread yet. Well, I havn't decided wheather or not to get one on launch day but I'll WILL be getting one before the summer's over. Since there only one Apple Store at La Cantera do you think AT&T stores are going to be a better route?
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    Im gonna be at the at the Forum store in Selma at 8am with my chair, umbrella, ipod, sidekick 3 and magazines. Manager there said they have at least 15 people a day asking about iDay. My wife will bring food at noon and i hope to be one of the first 10 in line.
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    I"m There

    I can't decide how early to go yet, but I'm standing in line at La Cantera for sure. Hopefully we won't be getting anymore of these pop up showers like we've had the last couple of days. An umbrella is going to be necessary.
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    Yeah I'll be at the Selma store, too. But not at 8 ... I have to work :(
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    Waiting in line

    I'm planning on waiting in line at the La Cantera Apple store -- I probably won't be able to get in the que until 3:00pm.
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    La Cantera

    I can't decide how early to go... it is hard to gauge how many people will line up early and how early they will line up at La Cantera... good for me that Friday is my day off. I think I'm going to show up around 11 just to see if a line has formed yet or not.
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    My wife will be taking me to the La Cantera store at around 7:00am... Hopefully I will be one of the first 10 or so people. I plan on bringing my ipod and POSSIBLY my laptop, unless it rains... then I am screwed.

    Since we have this forum, we need to talk with each other and figure out a plan. I noticed one guy is showing up at 8:00, chances are we will be right next to each other. We need to be "buddies" for the day. We can take turns leaving to use the restroom, get food, etc.

    Does anyone know if there is Wi-Fi at La Cantera, or at the Apple store? I MAY bring my laptop to get some work done while waiting in line for 11 hours.

    When I talked with an apple store employee last week, he said that there was a group of people planning on camping starting the 27th!!! That's today! That's INSANE!!! Lets hope that a "group of people" means 2-3 people at the most... Not 40 people...
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    Iren, Looks like you are gonna be camping alone like me. There may be a chance that we are next to each other... Wanna agree to trade off leaving for food, restroom, leg stretching? If you have ever camped by yourself, you know that the buddy system is the way to go... I just don't want to have to install a catheder on iDAY, lol...
    You think that people will freak out if someone were to leave for a bit, then come back... I mean COME ON, you gotta pee every now and then!

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    Free Wi-Fi access at the La Cantera location

    So I just called La Cantera Apple Store and the informed me that they will be offering free Wi-Fi access on iDay. Looks like I will finally be leveling my character on WoW lol...

    Also, according to the La Cantera location the mall security does not allow camping before business ours. If you are in the mall before it opens there is a chance that the police will be called and you may be charged with trespassing. Looks like I will be waiting in the car until 9:00am.

    One more thing, unlike most Apple and AT&T stores, which are closing at 5:00pm to prepare for launch. The La Cantera location will be closing at 2:00pm to prepare. Just thought you guys might want to know that!

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    Well that sucks, I guess I'll be with you in the parking lot brycelev. I really want to get the phone on launch day but my wife's plan on tmobile doesn't end til october so I'm going to have to wait cause I can't afford two phone plans. But I put a listing on craigslist and found a guy who would pay me $250 to take my spot in line at 4pm.
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    I have a HUGE iPhone

    You know the giant iPhone displays at the Apple Store? Well mine is BIGGER! I will have it at San Antonio Apple Store the whole day Friday for ya'll to check it out. It is non-functional but awesome! See you Friday.
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    There is only one person that can cover my shift on Friday and she is on vacation!! I dont get out till 630 and the closest ATT store is on the southside. South East Military... I hope they have plenty!
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    I went to La Cantera for the PS3 fiasco and they (security) told people that you were not even allowed in the parking lot untill business hours. No one listened though and the cops were called (6 police officers). I am very curious to see what measures they will take this time.

    If you have your laptop please post updates.... this is my only connection at work. I might book it up there after work, if stock is plentiful.
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    I will be there at La Cantera on Friday as well. I wonder if we are better off at an ATT store?
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    I will be there with a laptop, so I will be sure to post for you.
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    I hope you have an extra battery cause it's going to be a long day and I dont think there are outlets where the line will be forming.
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    Lol, I will not be on it all day... Swing by and say hi, I will be wearing a shirt that says, "God uses a mac" :D :p
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    La Cantera Security

    So I called La Cantera and spoke with someone "official" They told me that regardles of the iPhone launch, anyone seen entering the PARKING LOT before they mall officially opens, will be asked to leave ONCE. Then police will be notified and the police will ask you to leave.

    Makes me wonder how they will tell the difference between mall employeesa and apple iPhone campers?

    Why are they being such A-Holes??? You mean I can't even sit in my car before 10:00? That is rediculous. Anyone else have any other info?

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    Laptop Car Charger?

    Would any of you guys be offended if someone were to run to their car every 3-4 hours to connect their laptop to their car charger, then run right back in line? Just wondering, because I have a TON of work to do while waiting in line! I don't want to make anyone angry, and to be honest, the people in this forum are the only ones I am afraid of... We actually took the time out of our lives to find a forum specifically for San Antonio iPhone watching... We are the die-hards lol, and that is why I am afraid to piss you off :)

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    iPhone wallpaper for you...

    So here is my first iPhone wallpaper design... I can't wait to see the response I get from current CrackBerry owners that ask to see my iPhone heheheheheh....


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    Well, again from the PS3 thing, everyone parked in one area... so it was easy to tell we were all there for one reason. They do have security that drives around the parking lot and security that walks around the mall area, though I am not sure if it is just one guard or a few…

    I would figure employees park close to the mall and randomly… so I would suggest not to park close to each other if you are planning on arriving early. Also, if you are going to try to be the first in line and be inside the mall area before business hours… blend in! Where khakis and a polo shirt (pretty standard uniform for any job), carry a satchel or computer bag (adds that extra business look), and look like you belong there – do not walk with your head down or try to avoid being seen by anyone. If someone asks, say you have an interview at XYZ store.
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    Good idea!

    The khaki and polo is a good idea... The INTERVIEW cover is a GREAT idea! I have a feeling the mall is gonna have a high ammount of "interviewees" tomorrow morning! Can't wait to see everyone at the ass-crack of dawn!
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    I am cool with that. I am hoping the line is cool with potty and food breaks too.
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    any thoughts on how many the apple store will have?

    I want to go, and I'm hoping the rain actually keeps some people from going out too early as I won't be able to get there till about 1pm. If you guys can update on here of the length of the line that would be great. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on one. just wondering which one everyone is planning on getting 4g or 8g?
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    Yeah you guys should totally give us update at every hour as to how long the line is and take a few pics too, I'm curious to see where the line is going to end. I think I'm going to play it safe at an AT&T store, less attention and more choices of locations

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