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iPhone Purchasers: St. Louis, MO

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by Mydel, Jun 18, 2007.

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    Just wonder how many people from St.Louis area are gonna go to Apple store in Galeria on 29th to get an iPhone...:rolleyes:
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    im in st.louis and im thinking about goin on the 29th but id probably go to the apple store in west county cz its closer...i'll probably go there and if its too crazy i'll probably just leave and wait for the whole thing to die down
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    wow! i knew that St.Louis is in the middle of nowhere but only one person???:confused:
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    Well, on the plus side, there will be no need to wait in long lines!

    I lived in St. Louis for awhile (Creve Coeur). I love that city.
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    I will NOT be going to get the iPhone any time soon. I will soon have a mortgage to eat up all of my now disposable income. But I wish you guys the best of luck in securing one.
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    If I get bored enough, I may drop buy and laugh at all you poor suckers as you sign yourself into a 2 year contract with AT&T who absolutely blows in St. Louis :D

    Nah, just kidding. Have fun with the dropped calls and static though.
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    well i guess we wont have that hard of a time trying to get one

    and i have at&t in st.louis now and i have no problems with it so idk what your talking about
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    We don't know if 2 year contract would be necessary. hope not cos that would be a dealbraker for me. not gonna pay some crazy roaming charges 6 months a year:mad:
    Im on the AT&T now (prepaid) and has no problems with static and dropped calls.......Anyway gonna go 29th ( My birthday :p ) to take a look at iphone, and maybe will make myself a present.
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    Me and friend will be going up to the Apple Store at West County Mall around noon and get in line...(if there even is one).
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    being a college kid, it's going to be a little difficult to purchase one on june 29th. but i'm going up to west county w/ the girlfriend, just to wait in line, i want to see this thing!
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    do u guys think there will be lines at west county? i just really can't imagine that happening (well i dont want it to happen):D

    lines arent that fun i waited for like 20 hrs outside the hill billy south county wal mart in december in the freezing cold for a nintendo wii i dont want to wait in line lol
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    The front page lists this as St. Louis, MI.

    I was like :eek: , a whole thread for that little town..?
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    Shocked you put your 2 cents in ;)

    Really, this is the thread were you belong :p
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    Haha yea, I was thining the same thing. :rolleyes:
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    I'll be going on Friday, but I'll be at the Cingular/AT&T Store...need to sign up for new service on a family plan with only one iPhone. Switching from T-Mo, hope this isn't a bad idea.
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    I won't be going to the Apple Store until later next week, when some of the hubbub dies down - I want to see an iPhone, but I still have another year left on my contract with U.S. Cellular (and plenty of time to think about my next phone).

    AT&T actually has pretty good service coverage in St. Louis - until last summer, I had a Nokia 6100 series phone with AT&T, and only had bad service way out in West County, down 40. But I'm sure, with all the development happening there, that there's a few new cell towers now.
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    Same case here. I hope they support iphones on a family plan.
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    I'll be in line with my GF who is getting one that day with me getting mine soon after. There is an apple store and an ATT store in the galleria so i don't think there will be many lines. esp. considering this dismal forum turnout.
    Nice to see some stl peeps though.
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    I'm going out to grab one.

    My SE w610 stopped turning on a couple months ago so I got a $20 POS to tide me over.
    Good to see as being a current customer, it's only a $20 increase for services. I checked into the unlimited data plan last year and they wanted $40 for it...:mad:

    I was planning to go to the west county apple store as they probably have the most units... not sure now though. I may have better luck elsewhere.

    maybe just stop by the at&t locations and check on my way out there.

    glad I'm not in new york!
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    WOW! watching this forum stagnate over the past couple days is looking like the chances of grabbing an iphone in STL are pretty good...:D
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    I think so. I would guess the West County store will be the place to go if you actually want to try it out and have a little quality time with it. If you go to the Galleria (besides having to wait for the 40 traffic!) you might see a ton of teens/fashionistas gaggling over it.

    It was really funny tonight when I went to dinner with a priest friend, who is anything but a techie, and he started discussing when he's getting an iPhone... he said the iPhone's monthly plan is better than what he has right now, and he wants to get the iPhone as soon as the kinks are worked out!
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    Greetings, My First post. Normally i am a spectator ;-)

    I live in the Alton/Wood River area. I am interested in getting a iPhone but I am not sure if I would be better off going to an AT&T store (Closer to me) or going out to the WC or the Gal. So anyone on this side of the river?
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    My guess is an apple store. I've heard reports of AT&T locations only getting 70-90 units. probably lower numbers like 40-50 in our area.

    I'm going to the WC apple store mostly for the experience. (I've never lined up to buy anything before) plus they'll probably have more along the lines of 1000-1500 units.
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    i went to the grand opening of the galleria apple store (1st in line!), so i'm hoping to somewhat relive that experience tomorrow. not sure what time to get there though...
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    Any confirmations yet if there are any lines at the Gal or WC?

    How about any of the AT&T stores, I live way to far away to do a drive by ;-)

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