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iPhone reset by itself and is now stuck on the load up screen...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by PhaserFuzz, Aug 27, 2008.

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    I was updating one of my apps and the iPhone decided to reset itself. Now I can't get it to load up. It just stays on the screen with the Apple logo. After 5-10 minutes the screen fades and it's just stuck there. I've been waiting for awhile and did a hard reset a few times, still no luck. An odd thing is that it vibrates at random times while it's on this screen.

    Should I make a genius bar appointment? Is this a common issue?
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    Yes its a common issue your going to have to restore! Thats all a genius will tell ya!

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    Yes, I've tried to restore. But whenever I plug the phone in, iTunes locks up and stops responding. The second I unplug it, iTunes goes back to normal. This is extremely frustrating. I could be getting an important call right now, and not even know it... :mad:
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    You have to put it in DFU Mode simply hold the home and off button till the phone shuts off then release.. after that hit the on button and immediately hold the home button and release the on/off button till you see the itunes logo!

    then plug into itunes
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    Put it in restore mode...

    -Plug one end of the cord into your phone and the other in your computer
    -Remove the cord in your computer, leaving the cord in the phone still plugged in
    -Hold both the home button and on/off button on the phone
    -Once the screen turns off, let go of the on/off button but continue holding the home button
    -Plug in the other end of the cord in your computer while still holding the home button on the phone
    -Once the apple logo appears, continue holding until you see the plug into itunes screen on your phone
    -Click restore.
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    Ah thanks man! You're a life saver! This is just ridiculous I have to do this. Glad I have MobileMe to save all my contacts, since I never back up because of it taking 5 hours... :rolleyes:
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    Does anyone know if there's anything that can cause this to happen? Like having too many apps installed or something?
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    1 THING

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    HA this is the FIRST time this has happened to you? Well it has happened to me, no joke, over 30 times so far. It has gotten so bad I've removed ALL third party apps, as this is the ONLY working solution I've found. Pisses me off as I've spent well over $200 on apps and can't load them!

    First they will launch then quit thanks to the DRM corruption then the system becomes unstable then if you reboot you get stuck at the apple logo. If you move apps around on the home screens or delete a bunch of apps at once on the phone you can make this "feature" happen practically on demand.

    2.1 being released on 9/9/08 along with iTunes 8.0 will supposedly fix this. We'll see cause I'm more than ticked at having to keep only the default apps installed or else having to do a nightly restore.
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    30 times?!?! Are you serious??? It has happened to me once, and I was really pissed off when it did. Get your iPhone exchanged. That's just unacceptable.
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    Well it just happened to me again. I originally made this thread 3 hours ago. It's happened twice in 3 hours! This is completely ridiculous. So is the only solution, at the moment, not to have any apps installed? Has Apple addressed this issue and confirmed they're gonna fix it in 2.1? Could it be a faulty phone? Sorry for all the questions. I'm just extremely frustrated...
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    Started happening to me also recently after the 2.0.2 update. never happened to me before with over 30 apps installed on my phone. Had to restore and now just keep the main apps i use, around 10 or so on top of the ones the phone came with. seems to be working. I would only get the apple freeze when i would attempt updating apps via my phone. so in the meantime refrain from updating your apps via the iphone and keep only whats necessary. it helps the phone run smoother and updates really are much quicker with less apps installed.
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    I had the exact same problem happen to me yesterday... 3g, never jailbroken, unlocked, etc. Only solution was to force it into restore mode. Really annoying, especially when I was maintaining it EXACTLY according to apples recommendations. Simply put, this firmware on the iPhone does not currently work as advertised, and it is an issue even on apples forums.

    I really hope they fix this issue soon, it's not reasonable to have your phone randomly reset for no apparent reason except for the fact that it can't handle some apps from the app store.
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    This is a common fault, caused by buggy iPhone software...

    Check out this thread on Apple:

    The thread has been locked for some reason...

    I've experienced 6 'bricking's' so far, (iPhone stuck on Apple logo, only able to force it to restore) these always seem to be caused by interuptions(eg. phone calls etc) during an install/update of an application to the iPhone. It doesn't always lead to an immediate 'bricking', usually the device appears to resume installing after a delay. The first sign of a problem is backing up the phone goes from taking 2 minutes to 4 hours+ every time the phone is connected, I believe this is because the phone is failing to back-up a corrupt application (the App interupted during intall most probably). These back-ups are always corrupt when I try to restore from them so they always fail. Eventually after anywhere up to a day, the phone will 'brick' after the install interuption event.

    I think it probably effects every iPhone, but is only noticeable if you have more than a dozen or so Apps, because the less Apps, the less times you have to update/install Apps, hence the lower risk of 'bricking' the device.
    Unfortunately despite greatly reducing my number of Apps to a couple of dozen, my girlfriend seems to know exactly when my iPhone is updating Apps and has managed to call me twice during the five minute events!

    The lesson is, currently to make brickings less likely, install less apps :( to avoid brickings completely, install no app's or avoid updating.

    Very bad bug that Apple is doing everything it can to avoid publicly revealing, as the App store is so important to the devices success...

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