iPhone SDK Already Seeded to Some Developers?

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    Electronista claims that Apple has already started seeding an early version of the iPhone SDK (software development kit) to a few select developers.

    The kit is described as "rough versions" of the tools that allow developers to create native applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. Electronista is unable to provide many details on the development kit, but claims it "somewhat resembles Google's OpenSocial in that it mediates between the programmer and the iPhone operating system."

    They do claim that there are "clear limits" applied to applications but that even so, at least one major social networking site is interested in creating a native iPhone interface to their site.

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    I can't wait to see what developers can do when 80% of their time isn't spent cracking into the iPhone.
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    I choose you, Facebook.
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    I hope this doesn't mean Facebook apps will come to the iPhone...
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    That's great news. I can't wait to get the 2nd gen iPhone. Apps will be available for it or at least coming soon. It's exciting.
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    I'm more interested in real apps, not a tool to allow buffy to post her drunken Sat. night pics from her phone.

    Bring on:

    Paint App
    Outline App
    To Do
    Voice recorder
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    facebook no... scrabblousbook? yes please...
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    Silly question ... but is the SDK going to be limited to writing code in Objective C ?
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    Why are you talking about 2G? This is coming to 1G man, but your prolly just waiting for V2. Anyway, this is awesome news if its true. Imagine, it comes out December with amazing apps for it! I had a dream that it got a lotta apps last night, and it was really awesome, and then i woke up and i was a little dissapointed. Oh well, I cant wait, i hope these wont be too expensive...They cant be, then people waiting would just hack the iphone...The ones that havent already...:confused:
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    Yep, only apps that YOU personally want should be made. Even though you don't have to install apps that you don't want, they still shouldn't be created. :confused:
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    What does a verisign license cost? I assume you need to get one if you want to sell signed app's?
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    I can't wait to free my touch :D
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    Apple can totally be the CA there, they could sign and issue the certs. However, they might change you to be a ADC member.
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    Its not that, its the damn invitations all the time, and the massive amount of scrolling needed on pages of people with tons of installed apps...
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    I can't wait until they release a customization app. Ya' know, with really nice pre-made docks and what not. :D
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    Will an SDK allow flash development for safari? or is that down to Apple?.
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    second that.
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    Flash was created by Adobe, so wouldn't Adobe be responsible for any Flash products?
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    thats between apple and adobe, and its a debate on who is to blame ..
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    The FaceBook interface that shows up in Safari is pretty nice as it is... what more would people want a stand-alone app provide?
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    Mozilla has been working on Firefox Mobile for cell phones. As slick as Safari is on the iPhone, imagine Firefox on there, open source, with the ability to add all sorts of custom add-ons (extensions and themes)! Prediction: Firefox for iPhone by this time next year with Flash extensions and Safari theme.

    As a side note, programmers would be able to access the blue tooth stack, right? Then write software to pair with bluetooth enabled GPS receiver (or even printers, etc), or have a slim-profile GPS unit that would attach to the dock port and integrate with Google Maps?
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    Macworld's going to be interesting.

    Firmware 2.x anyone?
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    Flash was created by Macromedia (which was acquired for 4.5Billion USD in 2004 by Adobe), so wouldn't Adobe be responsible for any Flash products?


    and yes, it's up to Adobe to make it work...
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    If this is true we will probably get a sneak peak of a few apps in January for release on Feb. 28th.
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    It seems to me that it will be Objective C only. Sandboxing also makes sense. I wonder if they'll do some sort of virtual device to do testing on? C'mon February!!

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