iPhone SDK on Windows?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by blueharvester, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Is there any talk of the iPhone SDK being released on the Windows plaform? I'm really keen to have a tinker but I don't have a Mac (I can't afford one :-( ).

    If not, then are there any Mac emulators out there that I could run an OSX environment on my Windows machine and in turn run the SDK?
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    No talk that I have heard. Just another reason to get a Mac. I'd be surprised if they came out with a Windows version for that reason alone (I am sure there are others.)

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    i believe if a windoze machine attempts to run osx, the machine cripples itself due to excess levels of awesomeness
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    That's my thoughts too. I would love to get a Mac but unfortunately my budget doesn't allow it.

    I wonder if someone will make an iPhone SDK simulator, perhaps an Eclipse plugin that wll allow you to code in Cocoa then compile and run in an iPhone simulator kind of like the Google Android SDK. That would be cool.
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    my windows machine only runs osx.

    hackintosh ftw :)
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    ftw? i guess i dont catch that lingo
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    Your Windows machine only runs OS X?

    "for the win" ;-)
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    My Dell laptop runs both Vista and OS X, dual boot.
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    alright... formerly windows :)
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    By the way BamaATL, how you make OS X run as if it's running on a native Apple machine? I would like to code for iPhone too if that's possible.

    Please enlighten me, thanks.

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    Google "dual boot leopard and windows vista"
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    Ok, thanks, I also found Dual Boot Leopard with Windows XP too, by the way, how's your experience coding for iPhone application on your OS X? Same like a native OS X machine?
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    I have never coded on a true MAC so I can't compare. Even the coding I did on my Dell OSX has been just experimentation.
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    It is against the forum rules to discuss this.
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    Hi Psycho Freak,

    Sorry, now I know it's not appropriate to discuss these here.


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    No, its not. Theres a dedicated thread about OSx86 in OS X section.

    Try http://forum.insanelymac.com, you would find much more there.
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    The official SDK will never be released for Windows. Apple has no incentive to ever do so, they already get more than enough apps with the current setup, and people are buying Macs specifically to develop for iPhone, thus giving Apple money and more converts.
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    Hi DreamPod,

    I understand where you stand. Your points are all valid.

    In fact, even myself is planning for an iMac just to "enable" myself to code for iPhone or Mac applications.

    But I think neither Apple nor Microsoft did the right things. People prefer cross-platform stuff. Well, there are solutions for cross-platform application, but fine-tuning need to be done for the same application for different OS, none of them really 100% cross-platform.

    So, that's the game in the market, I won't expect Apple and Microsoft to do the same thing on each other OS to make their applications/developers cross-platform.

    So if I really get a Mac, I will use Bootcamp for WIndows as my 2nd OS too, I don't like proprietary idea.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Meanwhile, I will look out for other alternative too.


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    I agree. I am trying to get work to buy me a MacBook Pro :D for the same reason. On a sidenote, I had a thought the other day: Wouldn't it be awesome if Apple made a special version of Xcode that generated apps that work perfect on Windows and on Macs - complete with sexy installer. Then you could just write for Mac and let Apple worry about getting it to work on Windows. That would be a win win I should think.
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    If you're a worthy developer, you shouldn't have any problem gaining access to a Mac. If not, why would Apple want to invest resource on you? 25,000 apps and counting, if you're not already on the train, you should be leaving the train station.
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    I think that depends too. Some just don't want to spend extra bucks or mess around the place with multiple workstations. Though I would prefer to have Mac and Windows running separately.

    But no, if I'm not already on the train, I shouldn't leave, I need to buy ticket, remember? So if I'm not a Mac user, I need to buy a Mac first. And same thing, I could be waiting there to pick up someone, so can I say I'm waiting for my Mac to get delivered to me?

    One more scenario, I could be at the train station but I just alight, since I'm not entering station for nothing, of course I need to leave when I alight if I have nothing else, that applies for those who owned a Mac, but now want to develop for Mac and iPhone ;-)

    Sorry if I offended anyone, just having fun explaining the logic behind. By the way, I'm getting my first Mac soon! Well, it's as mentioned earlier, an iMac ;-)

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    I must award this with a ROFL. But more seriously, i also wish to make iphone apps for my iPod Touch but only have windows machines at my disposal.

    Could it run on a hackintosh or is there any other emulator like interface that I can run it on.
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    it's called java and is goddamn slow because it runs cross-platform ^^ that's the price you gotta pay for those things.

    if you knew how apps work you'd knew that it's not that simple to "generate apps that work perfect on windows and on macs". I don't say it's impossible, but anyway, if you want to do it, use java.
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    I really doubt that Apple will ever release a SDK that will work on a PC. I mean why would they from a simple business standpoint that would just be a bad idea. Plus everyone should get a mac, Just for the Terminal.
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    Not a chance. Apple's SDK depends on stuff (Obj-C, Cocoa, OS X libs & Keychain) that's not in Windows. And Apple is not going to waste much of their time porting all that important code to Windows.

    They are also using the popularity of coding for the App store to trick more developers into knowing how to code for Mac OS X.

    If you not interested in getting a Mac, go develop for Android.

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