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iphone sending and receiving data from PC

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by rahulgupta.87, Oct 26, 2009.

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    i want to send whatever user taps on the Virtual Keyboard to my app running on the system .. how shld I proceed .. and on what platform shld i dev my server side app .. ?
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    Just realize that you can only capture whatever the user types within your own app and not from within any other app. That is, you can't capture keystrokes from within Mail or Messages or... That is not allowed with the SDK.
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    I am assuming that I can run Virtual Keyboard in my app and I am using data entered by the user in my application itself..

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    Can you clarify a bit? You mean that Virtual Keyboard will run on the Mac, and whatevery you type on the Virtual keyboard will be sent to your app on the iPhone?

    If that's the case, know that this could only work within an app you write yourself, and it might be easier to write the keyboard program for the mac as well instead of using one that was allready written for a different purpose.
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    I'm thinking they want the opposite: whatever is typed on the virtual keyboard in their iPhone app is sent to their remote server.
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    yes dejo is right.
    explaining it in detail ..

    i have app running on iphone that has virtual keyboard , i catch whatever the user taps on VK and sends it over wifi to another app running on Windows , which handles user tapped data frm here.


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