iPhone Teardown Puts Components at $220

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 2, 2007.

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    Businessweek reports on an iPhone tear down by Portelligent which estimates the component cost of the iPhone at $220.
    It seems some guessing was still involved as the cost of the touch-screen ($60) was admittedly an "educated guess". Even the identify of the manufacturer of the screen was based on guesswork:
    Regardless, these breakdown costs only indicate raw component costs and do not include assembly, research, development or even boxing/packaging.
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    Wow. I think in another thread people were guessing about $250. Not too shabby.
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    Oh snap. This sort of profit isn't normal, is it?
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    by the time you factor in productions costs, r&d costs, packaging and shipping costs, i dont think apple is make huge amounts of profits on this. Obviously a small amount, but not loads!
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    As mentioned, this isn't the total cost. There are still manufacturing/assembly/packaging/R&D costs to be recouped. Not to mention advertising.
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    Apple is making at least $100 per unit. Otherwise whats the point?
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    Honestly, the final cost isn't anywhere near $220. Like they said it doesn't include assembly, research, development, packaging, shipping, marketing, patents, costs to cut deals with carriers, the developement of the visual voicemail for EACH carrier they use on each continent and it's also the first phone Apple has ever made, things will be a lot cheaper with Rev B hardware and software. They've got everything laid out now. Small changes in the software and hardware won't cost nearly as much as the original development.

    The original iPod was $500, and it too probably had a component value of ~$220.

    Let's see what the Rev B iPhone and iPhone Mini cost before we start complaining about Apple's profit margin without even an educated guess as to what the entire project cost to get this thing into our hands.
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    in the words of my friend steve jobs..."I'm RICH BIATCH!!! *trucker horn* HONK HONK!!
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    The profit on the iPhone itself won't be quite as important if, as rumoured, they are taking a cut of the $60+/month contract cost. If they take 10% that would still mean almost $200 for a $80/month plan.
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    Well it can't lose money otherwise SJ could never get the company to agree to it, but have you seen the way he talks about the iPhone? It's like his new baby, he would have done it for free.
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    I take this news to mean that there's still room for a price drop on the Rev. A iPhone. Before long, we'll probably see the price come down by about $100 on each version (4G and 8G). Right now, Apple can get away with a large margin because there are people who will buy it regardless of price. I'd bet we'll see a price drop before the next hardware revision. There's still quite a bit of functionality that can be added through software updates.
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    I'd say that's quite a lot for Apple to be spending on components (if it's accurate). Just think of all the money they must have spent on designing the software for it. Not that it's all about money. I mean, look at the rubbish Microsoft produces, and they've got loadsamoney.

    You don't get people working out the cost of the box, DVD and leaflets that you get when you buy Adobe CS3...
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    Speaking of a baby

    I was in my group meeting today and my lead decided to tell the whole group that a member in our group was the proud new owner of a baby - his iPhone. haha - so now I'm not going to get anything done this afternoon - people stopping by every 5 mins to check it out.
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    You ever heard of something called the playstation 3?
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    They make their money off of game licensing, I've read. I don't see how that applied to the iPhone?

    Anyway, back to the original didcussion - in addition to the component costs, and all the other costs, don't forget licensing costs. Granted a lot of it is open source, but it wouldn't surprise me if Apple still has to pay some people to license various bits of tech used, for each iPhone sold. Have you been to the About -> Legal page? My god, it's huge! For example:

    ACELT.net codec
    Audible software
    BLUEmagic bluetooth stack
    Linotype something-or-other
    Marker Felt typeface
    MPEG Layer-3 from Fraunhofer IIS and THOMSON multimedia
    QDesign music codec
    Sorenses video codec

    Granted, a lot of that text is in regards to free open source, but I bet plenty of it cost Apple some money.
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    Apple spent next to nothing on advertising for this. They just mentioned it and all the fanboys did all the work.
    So the left over 350 bucks/phone goes to manufacturing and R&D.
    Did it cost that much to pay the sweat shop in China? Or is it all going to R&D?:rolleyes:
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    They had several TV ads - TV time costs money.
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    I wonder what profits other companies like Nokia get... especially with the Razr V3 I expect profits to be very high at launch.

    And now I can also understand how Meizu can announce such low prices for their M8, they are using similar, though probably higher end components (slightly faster CPU, higher resolution, quite possibly better DAC), but they can save on the R&D costs because they use WinCE and only have to program a UI for that, and licensing fees they probably ignore, at least for their own market for which the prices were announced. That may also be an indication on how much those licensing fees cost. Still wondering if it works out for them.
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    No surprise.

    Apple always grabs as much return as they can when they release a product. After a while the price drops and the hardware gets upgraded. Thats the way Apple works. The iPhone was in development 2 1/2 almost 3 years so theres a lot of R&D costs. Advertising would be increasing revenue so they usually go all in on this.
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    there has been an updated figure that puts the cost of the components at $263... nice profit
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    Sounds about right. I've heard they try to maintain at least a 40% markup over costs. They probably make even more on the 8 gig iPhone (since 4 extra gigs probably costs them less than $50).
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    Apple makes a lot of profit on all of their products.

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