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iPhone Video Conferencing Hack

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 13, 2007.

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    MacDaddyWorld claims to have developed a two-way video conferencing application as part of a programming contest at the C-4 developer's conference.

    In order to overcome the minor issue of the iPhone's camera pointing the wrong direction, they reworked an existing periscope mirror for the MacBook.

    Unfortunately, details are limited and no downloadable source or application is currently available, but could be an interesting (albeit impractical) hack.

    Article Link
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    Seems a bit gimmicky plus who would want to carry an iPhone around that has 2 mirrors sticking out the side of it?
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    I envision video conferencing on an iPhone, but via another means.

    Imagine an iSight camera with a 30pin dock connector. It would look something like an iTrip that connects to the bottom of the iPhone with a camera facing the user.
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    How about a software hack that let the screen act as the camera?
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    uhhhhh lol right. Do that and you will be a rich man my friend.
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    That is so clumsy. I hope they just release a new iPhone with a proper 3G facility.
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    You mean a software hack that changes hardware? That's called remaking something.
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    The same person with the ability to do that is also the guy with the ability to make lead into gold. Understandably, he's been focusing his talents on the latter goal.
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    By the time Apple gets around to releasing a 3g capable iPhone, everyone will be throwing a hissy fit because the iPhone isn't wimax capable.
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    I should have clarified, by everyone, I meant members of MacRumors. :D
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    Remember that in order to do videoconferencing, you need a good downstream AND upstream connection. That means, not only will you need either a 3G or WiFi connection, but you'll need to make sure that 3G connection is "true" 3G in that it is both HSDPA and HSUPA.
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    Don't be too hard on him, he may have been referring to the fact that Apple did file a patent that allows LCD elements behind the screen act as video cameras as well (up to 1000 or something like that) and there was speculation that this was added to the iPhone, just not activated.

    I doubt it was added, but, since everyone on Mac Rumors loves to speculate on these things, it's not too far-fetched...
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    Clumsy it may be, but it's the first time video-conferencing has ever happened on iPhone. I think it's fun.

    I like the idea from Brett in comments that you could just use one camera with a sliding prism - or mirror perhaps - that switches the angle to capture light from the front rather than the back.

    Though we all know Jobs isn't keen on moving parts.

    However, we can be sure Apple is working on video-conferencing for when 3G comes on stream globally. Somewhere there are prototypes I'm sure.
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    Even without the conferencing, this is cool because it makes the iPhone camera capture video. Now please figure out how to write video files to memory and we have a useful application.
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    Hmm, sounds fishy to me. I personally don't think they have any thing to show for it except for the idea. Show me a video, and I might believe it.

    Better yet, show me the source code, or a compiled binary.
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    I'm surprised the reaction isn't more favorable. Obviously the mirror can be made smaller... MUCH smaller. Probably the size of a Life Saver. Even though EDGE isn't fast enough to support this, most instances where video conferencing makes sense, there will be Wifi available.

    I don't know about you guys, but I admire the progress being made just a month and a half after release.

    Good job guys.
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    If this uses the data connection rather than the phone connection, I doubt would be as simple as ¨dialing a phone¨? If so it wouldn't count towards the call time. Might be cool actually. Affordable video conferencing would be massive, since in the UK with 3G it costs less to just get a plane or train to your friends place.
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    I don't blame you for being sceptical! This was however demoed live in front of 150 Mac developers. :) We'll have the source and hopefully a video posted today.

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    wow... i wonder how slow that is? super ultra slow? or just hellish slow... i'm sure in a few years apple will be incorporating video conferencing into the iPhone...
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    phone sex is coming soon!!!!

    Finally phone sex will come thanks to the apple iphone......knowing steve jobbs strategy plan he will feed his consumer a little bit at a time to bank on us.....he came out w/the ipod, then ipod color and then the ipod w/pictures then the ipod w/video and then mini versions and now we have entered the IPHONE.....based on the OSX operating system.....its a matter of time b4 the iphone video conference will begin but that wont happen until we spend money on his new iphone mini.........the technology is already there! but he's smart and soon....the iphone a/v will be the standard for phone/video talk......and then well be having great PHONEEEEEEEE SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!! long distant relationship will work after all

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    LOL @ iPhone I have 2 cameras on my phone and only payed $160 for it. The Moto Razr V3X... :D:D
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    I posted that the camera was on the wrong side when the first iPhone image was released. If snapping a still you can aim the phone at the subject and press an oversize virtual button. For video conferencing you NEED the camera on the screen side. The image capture device is right where it can be aimed either way too. I think this is a case of Jobs saying the camera lens would "clutter" the face of the iPhone. Like when he took a perfectly good Mac 128k prototype motherboard and told the guys to make it look pretty. Never worked as good since.

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    Wanna see what my phone can do?

    Your turn.

    It is quite funny, huh?
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    my phoene can do everything the iphone can except for touching the screen, wouldn't want to get that dirty!:p

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