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iPhone Video Recording Proof of Concept

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by Bernie-Mac, Dec 12, 2007.

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    Yup...almost anything left to be desired in the iPhone can be accomplished with a software update
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    I agree. Kinda makes me angry, but then again I think Apple will ultimately do it right.
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    video on iphone

    I opted for the ipod touch noting 3rd party developers were really picking up the slack where Apple were happy to cripple a product to ensure their product road map has clear upgrade details for the average joe..

    Ideally if its capable of performing a function it should be doing it out of the box. I have a last fm scrobbler and internet radio tuner,both useful to me..Without mentioning the yoinked iphone apps..3rd party developers are really making a big difference with the iphone/ipod touch..How does Apple repay them? Every firmware upgrade they get put back to square one.
    Roll on next year and the dev kit..
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    From the developer, this app has a very bright future...

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    ^ wow i am really excited about this app's future!!!!
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    is there any example vids out there yet? or someone from here post? i'm not jailbroken but curious to see what it will eventually be like legitimately
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    ah ok, it doesnt save it, just plays it back once for now.
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    Don't look now, but...

    Here are some interesting stats. The iPhone currently uses the PMB8876 S-GOLD 2 chip from Infineon Technologies. Back when it first got cracked open, Infineon had a page up describing everything about the chip... then they ripped the page down and started whistling after the launch (so odd). :)

    Nice! An H.263 encoder... and a MOVE coprocessor to help out with the encoding...? You don't say! Uh, oh... is that support for recording to an SD card? Hm. Now that's just teasing. Fast IRDA... as in "Infra Red" device support? Geez. Y'know... its as if there's so much room to grow, it ain't even funny.

    Where's my GPS/SD Card Reader/Infra Red transmitter accessory? 'Cause personally, I'd like to use my navigation/video recording/universal remote control third-party applications... like... YESTERDAY! :D

    ~ CB
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    Victor ch


    I was about to start a thread on this hehe but saw this one. Ok this app must be installed with fugu or something like it, you must change permissions to 0755 and must use this method (not AFPd). Once you can do it its pretty cool... proves that Apple can really make this if they wanted.... anyway its one cool app, shame its 5 secs and it doesn't save but proves that developers rule!

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    iPhone Video Recording Proof of Concept


    Monster and Friends posted a demo application for the iPhone that allows it to record video at up to 45 frames per second. In its current form, it can only record 5 seconds of video, but the developer expects the final version will record somewhere between 15-30+ fps and have an unlimited file length.

    Gizmodo posts a video demonstrating the application.

    As always, this requires a hacked iPhone to install a 3rd party app, but does demonstrate that the iPhone is capable of video recording. Hopefully we'll see some official applications once the official developer's kit is release in February.

    Article Link
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    Cool. So where is Apple with their updates? Just about a month ago there was the article released where the person at Apple said that everything people had been wanting on the iPhone was already developed and Apple was just waiting for the right time to release it... well, any day now is good for me. Apple doesn't want people hacking their phones, yet they continue to not release new updates with useful apps. I know Apple has the talent working for them that could develop these kinds of apps. Third party apps are coming in a few months, so unless Apple is planning on a 500mb software update with new features right before they open the phone up to 3rd party apps, I don't see why they aren't releasing anything new right now.
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    It would be cool if you could post the video you recorded to you tube from you phone.
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    now that would be awesome
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    My god. I'm glad I'm not Apple with customers like you. How many years was it under development before it made even a single nickel? I suspect the patent applications alone are more than you make in a year.

    Can't you just look at your iPhone and say "Man, it sure is good to get the world's most advanced phone/pod in my hands now, and enjoy my time on it while Apple evolves it." Christ, man. If you were around in 1984, and the Mac 128k came out, your post would say, "This is cool, and all, but where's Spotlight?"
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    Wait 'til firmware 2.x. Straight to YouTube video app on iPhone anyone?
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    The way they have been working with google, I have no doubt they will let that happen.
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    iTunes could be set-up to install and uninstall preferred applications to simplify the interface and optimize the user experience and space usage.

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    Let's just hope they don't charge you for ever app you want to put on. Leave pricing up to the developer.
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    That's going to be an amazing feature, especially for college parties lol. Good thing youtube is moderated haha.

    I feel like this is something that Apple would release in a software update, video functionality shouldn't require another program. But for the time being I guess it suffices.

    February is going to be a great month for the iPhone.
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    is this in apptapp yet? Still looking
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    Well said; couldnt agree more! Especially an automatically-pairing GPS module for the car and an IR module for the home theater...
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    so, I was browsing the posts on drunknbass' website and it doesn't look like the app is going to be available on installer at this time. are they waiting for the update,? it is just a "proof of concept" right now and doesn't even store the videos but I hope this will be available on installer soon.
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    Don't expect such upgrades from Apple

    I doubt that we will ever see video recording capability on the current iPhone (that is, as an official release from Apple). Apple is unlikely to provide new functionality like that when they can use those features in future products to promote "new and improved" iPhone hardware. Thus, I'd say that features such as video recording, voice-activated dialing, or any truly significant improvement in functionality will have to wait until the second generation iPhone (and you'll have to buy a new handset to get those features).

    Just look at the iPod marketing, very minor feature upgrades via software, new functionality only with new models or generations of hardware. It doesn't make any difference whether the current iPhone can do this or that (in theory or in a "proof of concept"), Apple isn't going to spend time or money to make the existing iPhone any better than it is today. The only significant features that Apple has added thus far (ring tones and the Apple WI-FI store) are both revenue generators and unless Apple can make money directly off of recording video there would be no justification to add this feature to the existing product. Sorry, but that's just the reality of doing business.
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    First of all, the iPod is a completely different product. There is so much possibility with the iPhone. The SDK will be released in Febuary, and I am expecting some fairly useful apps. Besides, if apple refuses to give the iphone video recording when it has already been proven to work, I don't see many people with a model 1 iPhone buying an entirely new product when they can jailbreak and use this free product (I can't wait to see how much apple will charge for the apps!).

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