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iPhone virus writer "could be charged" under hacking laws

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Throw him in jail!!! :mad::mad:
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    I hope you're kidding. All he did was change the background image on iPhones that were stupid enough to have their SSH wide open with the default root password.

    I'd rather have someone that runs a red light thrown in jail. They cause potential harm to people. This didn't do anything really. It was a joke and you're all up in arms?

    Honestly, people. Get a grip.
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    The real crime here is that the article was written to mislead people into thinking that the iPhone is vulnerable to a virus in the wild. The author buried the fact that only jailbroken iPhones are affected in the sixth paragraph while putting the first paragraph about "Aussie iPhone virus developer" in bold. If anyone should go to jail over this, it's David Braue.
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    I'm up for neither throwing red-light runners nor the "hacker" in jail.

    Yes the hacker broke the law, but nothing was malicious. A big fine that would force him to declare bankruptcy and ruin his life is sufficient.
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    Yeah. Innocent proof of concepts are totally worth ruining someone's life. May the system have the same mercy on you whenever you violate stupid laws.
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    How are you people not getting this? The "hacker" essentially left a message that said "you're vulnerable and better do something about it" to people who had improperly hacked their own iPhones. He did them a favor. The person doing damage is the author of the article who is deliberately scaring people in order to make a buck. That's serious damage, and that's who should be prosecuted.
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    I shall destroy them.

    Autobots... transform, and roll out!! kookookeekuhkah! That's the transforming sound!
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    I think it would be ridiculous if this guy is prosecuted. What he did was show people where they are vulnerable in a slightly humorous way. Any one who was a 'victim' of this will now change their password, before someone who is genuinely malicious decides to use the exploit.
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    That's whack...I say a fine should be the most...if not offer him a job, he knows how to program things for apple products :)
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    I agree completely. This can hardly be considered a virus. If someone leaves a door wide open the wind is going to blow in.
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    The wind yes ... but should your neighbour walk in leave graffiti on the wall???

    Throw him in jail!! :mad::mad:
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    I would equate changing your wallpaper on a jailbroken phone with the default ssh password to a situation where I accidentally left my front door wide open and a neighbor leaving a note in my living room that says "yo keep your door closed!"
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    Thanks for that awesome description! Have fun at Houston!

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