iPhone wont transmit audio.

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    I'm fairly certain that my iPhone 4 is broken but I wanted to get a second opinion to see if their is any possible troubleshooting I can do.

    My iPhone will no longer transmit audio over the cell networks. When I make a call on any phone app (tested with the built in phone app and google voice) nobody can hear me and I hear a lot of popping. This started when I got back into the US from a trip to Aruba where it was using a foreign carrier (never used the phone so I don't know if it worked there) I figure that wouldn't have caused it but I figure it can't hurt to mention that.

    I have tried external mics and speaker phone but neither work. I also confirmed that my built in mic works by testing with voice commands.

    I tried restoring in case it was just a software issue but still no luck, I'm running 4.1 and don't want to upgrade because I'm jailbroken. Has anyone had a similar problem and if so were you able to resolve it or should I just bring it to Apple?

    My phone has no signs of visible damage and I almost never drop it, there are marks all over the band from the bumper case though. Any chance that apple will replace it? I have insurance on it so its not that big a deal either way but it would save me from having to file a claim and the $50 deductible.

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