iPhoneDevSDK gone?

Discussion in 'App Store Business, Legal and Marketing' started by KarlJay, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Looks like the iPhoneDevSDK forum is gone. I know they've been hammered with virus problems for a while and Google says they had a bunch of malware and other problems.
    Anyone been able to get on there?
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    No idea what happened. Maybe their site got hacked or something. The forum seems to be
    missing from the server.
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    A couple of weeks ago I was still able to access the site even after getting a warning from Google. Today, it simply says "the site is suspended". :(
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    I have been on there for a long time, but then I found Macrumors, which was a much better userbase, friendlier, and less spamming!
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    Could be related to DNSChanger?
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    I like both, but I think that one has more selection of topics, business/legal/marketing... I mainly went there for that. MacRumors doesn't have a lot of business/marketing discussion.

    I don't think it's a DNS thing, it looks like it just wasn't managed well. Sites get attacked all the time... some people have too much time on their hands...
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    Wow, just wow. What about all that collective knowledge that the site had gathered up over the years? All gone in a poof?:confused:
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    I really don't know where it's stored, but it must be hosted somewhere. They had problems before and they've come back, so we'll just have to check back and see if they get their act together.
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    Business marketing forum was my fav read of the day. I learned almost everything I know about the app store on there.

    I really really hope its not lost that site was great and while macrumors is pretty good they dont really have a business marketing subforum.
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    Yea, I think I remember you from there. We might have lost a good learning tool.
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    Maybe someone didn't pay the bills and let it run out. How did that site make money anyway?
    Ads, donations, or self-funded?
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    I think they make money on the ads that the site runs and probably donations. However, I don't think the site costs that much and they've been hit with these virus problems / attacks before so I think that's where the problem lies.

    I know of some other forum sites that were hit as well, so it looks like they're not alone, but their response time is concerning. Last time it took about a week for them to get back online.
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    The admins there haven't been very proactive about keeping the site healthy over the past year or so. Wish they'd pass it on to someone who will give it the attention it needs.
    It's a great resource - as mentioned the business & promotion techniques forums there are a great read and it's got a wealth of useful threads to search through. Fair enough if it's been attacked, but they could at least mention something on the twitter page, @iphonedevsdk
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    Same here, I wish they'd just pass it off to someone else and let them deal with it.

    That actually brings up a great idea for a new thread:
    Someone should start a new thread about iOS dev resources.

    One problem with iOS is that it changes so fast that some information/tutorials aren't of value any more. I've seen so many answers that are from 2008/2009 that it makes it a hassle to get what you want.

    I'd really like to see more business/legal/promotions info and less "... I just started..." threads.
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    The iPhone SDK forum was very good. I git much more help from there as from the official Apple Dev forum. :(

    Which alternative iOS dev forum will you now use?
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    This forum? :s
    I've gotten better help here.
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    Duncan C

    It's weird how that site just died with no warning. I was one of the top contributors to the development forums, and BAM, it shows up as suspended with no warning.

    The owners/admins of the site have been conspicuous in their absence for quite a while. The moderators seem to have been running the show.

    Strange and frustrating. I invested a lot of time in that site.
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    Yeah, I really miss that place. I came here hoping to find a better business & legal aswell as marketing & promotion forum.
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    I remember you, you did some great posts!


    It's actually different. The help here is more programming, there it's more business of app dev.

    With many of the devs being independants, there's a need for help in other areas.

    There were many posts about advertising, sales, taxes, promotions and several posted their results.

    Let's face it, the AppStore is flooded with apps (crapps?), we need all the help we can get to become noticed.

    They just had a huge thread about Apple's search engine change and the effects it had on their apps. Pretty important info for someone dependant on their sales.
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    Maybe we can get you, and some of the other top contributors of good information, to repost their most informative stuff here? (That would be great!)

    Hopefully you kept some copies...
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    I didn't frequent the tech stuff much but the business forum was invaluable. If Macrumors had a separate business of iOS forums I would post but as is it's a waste of time to sort through all the UITableView problem threads to find the ones I'm interested in.
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    Can't seem to find anything via Google Cache either.
  24. arn
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    I'm open to it. iPhoneDevSDK was a good resource. Guess no one knows what happened to it?

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    Crazy that iPhoneDevSDK is gone. I hope it comes back. I learned a TON there too. Plus there was a thread on the recent non-payment by mobclix and that was the place I could get updated on the developments since mobclix owes a lot of devs money.

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