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iPhoneRingToneMaker Supports Protected AAC

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 3, 2007.

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    The maker of iPhoneRingToneMaker let us know that the newest version (1.3.1) was released on Monday with the new feature of support for Protected AAC songs purchased through iTunes.

    The previous versions could not import/clip these songs, but the new version is said to offer this support under Windows XP.

    iPhoneRingToneMaker is a shareware application for Windows but offers a full demo version.

    Article Link
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    iToner by Ambrosia

    This program laet's you add AAC Protected files as ringtones.:)
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    Does the RIAA know about this? :rolleyes:
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    Why not just use audacity?

    Geez, so many 3rd party apps that actualy make things more complex...
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    Nice, I just updated my previous version.
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    I wish Apple would release there own solution but oh well, this works for now.
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    Its a cool program for what it does, you get a free 30 day trial. . .
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    Apple - please, please let us use normal MP3s and such for ringtones. Not all of us want R Kelley shouting out at us when we get a call in a business meeting.
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    Does the new ringtone maker from Apple violate fair use?

    You know, I would think that policy of charging for the song and then charging o use it as a ringtone would violate the fair use doctrine of the current copyright law. After all the fair use doctrine allows me to change the form of copyrighted music so that I can play it on a different device. This dates back to the cassette recorder. Courts have held that making a tape recording of an album is a permitted act because it is still the original purchaser listening to the music.
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    Are they gonna put out a fix for the new Itunes version with the ringtone tab?
    Everytime you sync your iphone to the new Itunes version all ringtones transfered with Iphoneringtonemaker are gone :(
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    so done

    so true, i dont even know why i upgraded to itunes 7.4 i didn't need to now i had to take synching off because it deletes all my ringtones and i refuse to pay for them
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    Hope they fix this quick.
    I know Itoner came out with a fix for this issue.
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    So I finally downloaded this program and am in LOVE!
    Why are some of my songs being played so loud and distorted? After you create your song you get a second window asking if you want to add the ringtone to your phone and it even allows you to preview the song. Well, after previewing it and even adding it to my phone it plays the song loud and distorted. Also, I believe it's only those songs that I don't get the "advanced" tab showing up.
    Anyone else have this problem? What am I doing wrong?
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    This program works now? What version of iTunes are you running?
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    ok, so I updated to the latest iphone and itunes and what happens?!!!
    I get a black screen and a yellow exclamation shield saying to connect to itunes. It WAS connected. I just found out that the new update stop 3rd part programs? Is this why it's frozen?! What do I do, what do I do?!!!
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