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iPhoto 1.1 Here?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, May 2, 2002.

  1. arn
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    Various news sites reported that iPhoto 1.1 was available... but the download link was mysteriously pulled by Apple.

    BeachBum, however, reports that the new 800mhz PowerBooks have iPhoto 1.1 pre-loaded.

    Meanwhile an anonymous contributer supplied screenshots from iPhoto 1.1. (1, 2, 3
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    I am running it on my iBook 600. It seems faster, and has some really cool new features. I heard that they pulled it because of third party conflicts. Hopefully not another iTunes fiasco.
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    This is very lame on apples part.
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    Re: iPhoto

    Why is this lame on Apple's part? They never officially released the update. Please explain yourself.
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    my weird iPhoto 1.1 story

    I downloaded it on my iMac G3 400 and installed it, although I have no photos, I haven't had a chance to play with it yet.

    I downloaded it on my iMac G4 800 and it wont instal. I have several photos already in iPhoto 1.0 and was eager to try 1.1 out...yet installer just bounces once and does nothing..

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    Re: my weird iPhoto 1.1 story

    Stories like this is why it was still a beta. Do not ever install a beta on your computer. I can foul up your day real quick. If you have more than one computer, then go for it. I have it on a partition of a system that is my second computer.
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    Re: iPhoto

    it is....watch them "unveil" it in July...ha ha ha...

    anyway...anyone who has it care to share?
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    Does anyone have iPhoto 1.1 that has a high speed modem? I wish someone could email it to me! I can't do FTP so I am kinda stuck. If anyone with a high speed connection or alot of time please send it to me at flashgordy12@aol.com
    Thanks I would love to show it to my mac friemds!
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    do NOT download iPhoto 1.1

    There are many letters atMacintouch describing all sorts of bugs with this release, some deleting images. One odd thing that one user describes is that this bug is documented in the readme for iPhoto. That leaves me wondering, if Apple knew about it why did they release it, even if for only a short time?
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    They didnt, its a beta. Why is everyone bummed it has bugs? Wait for it to be released officially and then if it sucks you can whine, but it wont suck.
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    I have it + it works fine for me, no other conflicts. It pisses me off though becuase I installed it thinking it was an official release.

    I do have it on my machine but my e-mail accounts has a maximum attachment size, sorry.
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    do you still want it? I could send it by email, but it's a 21MB file. I doubt you'd want to receive it multiple times, so i thought i just check first:)

    btw: i've still not tried it out, the chicken in me tells me to wait :rolleyes:
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    spymac has a link to it from their site

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