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iPhoto Album to Keynote/Powerpoint Presentation

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by iHateWindows, Jan 28, 2006.

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    Is there any automated way of sending an album of iPhoto pictures to a Keynote or Powerpoint presentation with each picture as their own slide?

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    This is an automated solution. http://wiredflux.com/software/keynote/

    Edit: you can also simply select multiple photos from the media browser and then drag and drop them onto the outline pane and one slide per photo will be created.
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    Problem with Automated iPhoto to Slideshow script

    Devman, I tried your automated solution, but got the following AppleScript Error:

    Keynote got an error: Can't make <class Kssw> of slideshow "untitled" into type reference.

    I tried saving the file first so that it had a filename, but I got the same error msg.

    Any thoughts as to what's going on?

    I'd also like to do this with PowerPoint. Any scripts for that?

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    Anonymous Freak

    Do you specifically want to edit the presentation? If not, you could use the 'Export' function in iPhoto and export as a QuickTime file.

    Or, from within Keynote, just drag your album from the Media browser to the 'Slides' navigator (along the left side of the window) at the top of the presentation (or the bottom, or between two existing slides, whatever;) rather than actually IN an existing slide.
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    Or if you're running Tiger you could make a simple Worflow in Automator that could do the job.:)
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    I'll give it a whirl--thanks (schaef,too).

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    PhotoUplink iPhoto export plugin does this

    Download the test version of PhotoUplink from www.photouplink.com, it will let you export selected images and even video directly to a PowerPoint presentation, Word document, FTP site, or ODBC datasource.

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