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iPhoto app on Mac

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by MacCult62, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. MacCult62, Dec 8, 2012
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    I recently migrated all my files from MBA to MBP. I just want to keep the iPhoto app on the MBA, but how do I delete it on the MBP? Same question for the iMovie app. I want to delete them because I just read it is not a good idea to have the same photo library on 2 different Macs.
    The problem that arises is that I updated iPhoto on MBA (after the migration) but I can't do it on the MBP. I get the message on MBP that I need to sign in with another account that was apparently used to purchase iPhoto in first place. But I have been using the same account on both MBA and MBP.
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    The problem is not having iPhoto on two machines... the problem is sharing a single instance of a library across two machines.

    To delete it from you MBP... just go into username>pictures and delete the iPhoto library. I'd make sure that you have all your pictures on your MBA before deleting anything.

    Then make sure you are backing up.

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    iPhoto app on Mac

    This is the message I get when I click on the app.

    "iPhoto is unable to open this library
    You have opened this photo library with a newer version of iPhoto. Please quit and use the latest version of iPhoto"

    All functions are then greyed out.
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    Your library has been updated to a newer version of iPhoto. It seems that the "program" is not updated. Presumably... you moved a library to another computer that has an older version of iPhoto installed.

    All you need to do is update the machine to the latest version of iPhoto. You can get it off of the Mac App Store. At that time... the Mac should be able to open the library.

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    Problem is the App Store does not give me the option of buying the latest version of iPhoto. It only indicates "update". And as mentioned in a previous post, when I click on "update", the system tells me to sign in to the account that was used to purchase it. I'm caught in a loop.
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    Was this Mac purchased from someone else? Have you been using two Apple IDs in the Mac App Store? I do not think we have enough info to help you.

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    The MBA was purchased online from the Apple Store in late 2010. The MBP was purchased at Staples last month. Both were bought new. Originally, when I first had the MBA, my Apple ID was a hotmail address. I switched to gmail in July 2012 after my hotmail account started to spam everybody. Everything worked fine with MBA in spite of the change in Apple ID. And as far as I know, my Apple ID also works fine on the MBP.
    FYI I transferred all my files from MBA to MBP via Migration Assistant over WiFi. I had been backing up my MBA on a regular basis with Time Machine on an external HD. Is it possible for me to use Time Machine and retrieve only iPhoto?
    As mentioned previously, I wouldn't even mind deleting the iPhoto app from my MBP (if it would let me), because my photo library exists on the MBA and even on my iMac.

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    Have you tried using the hotmail ID to restore iPhoto? If it was purchased using that ID... it may be looking for that again. As far as I know... you must use the same Apple ID as when you made the app purchase.

    Try using the hotmail ID along with the password you use back then.

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    I tried using my old hotmail address to log in, but that doesn't work. In fact, I recall changing from hotmail to gmail in my Apple ID profile.

    I understand the whole problem is not that big of a deal in that I could just ignore the reminder that I have 2 updates in the App Store that I can't do anything about, as well as the iMovie and iPhoto icons in the dock and applications folder which are useless.

    For the sake of having an uncluttered system, I would go so far as to redo the whole file transfer thing (Migration Asst or Time Machine) but I am unsure if I can proceed without any further preparation, or if I have to erase everything on the MBP beforehand.

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    I am not too sure what you should do next. I have only used a single apple ID for all of my computers.

    It sounds to me like an issue of having programs purchased under separate IDs. I'd call Apple tech support and ask. Maybe if you delete the programs off of your computer then you will be able to purchase them again. I'm not sure.

    Maybe someone else here can help.

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    Call Apple. They should be able to merge your apple id's after verifying your identity.
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    Thanks for all the help. Until I resolve the account issue with Apple, I just dragged the iMovie and iPhoto icons (via Finder) into the trash, and the red badge above the App Store icon in the dock disappeared. No more update notifications that sends me in a loop going nowhere. Worse comes to worse, I will purchase those apps again if I feel the need.

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