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iPhoto diet - without iPhoto diet....

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by sunfast, Apr 24, 2006.

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    Well, I've edited most of the photos in my iPhoto library which is of course making it swell a lot. I can't use iPhoto diet as it doesn't work with iPhoto 6 so how do I go about removing this bloat? I know it's not advisable to dig around your iPhoto library if you don't know exactly how it works. And I don't.

    So, in summary, how do I cut out the originals I don't need without ruining everything?
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    Someone might have written a script for it, but you only have to delete "originals" folders within the iphoto library main folder. That's where iphoto keeps a copy after you have rotated/edited the pic.
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    Nice one. But if I haven't edited the picture, would that be lost by deleting the originals?
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    No, a picture only gets added to the "originals" after an edited version is made. I made a script with Automator, but I wouldn't trust my work on someone else's computer. It's pretty easy to make, just make sure that you put a filter in to not delete the movie files, if you took any with your camera, those are put in the "originals" folder so just emptying the entire thing is not good.
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    Thanks for the tip! Just to check (and this sounds a bit daft) but will iPhoto be cool with me just deleting my originals folder pics? It won't give me an error like "missing originals" or something like that?
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    If you dump the "originals" folder you can no longer use the Revert to Original menu command. I've used iPhoto Buddy to find dups, but don't know if it works with v6.
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    Are you sure about this? My overall iPhoto library is 12.69 GB. My originals folder is 11.23 GB.

    I have ~6700 pics in iPhoto

    I think all of my originals go into the original folder, and then if I modify them a copy of them also goes into the modified folder. so really, you should only be deleting a file in the original folder if it is also in the modified folder.
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    I realized after posting my first post that iPhoto 6 changes around how the photos are stored. In the previous versions, iPhoto would create a folder for each new roll, and then when a picture is modified, it creates a "originals" folder and puts the original in there. In iPhoto 6, all pictures are put into the "originals" folder right off, then modified photos put into the "modified" folder, makes much more sense. This means my script would only work with versions upto iPhoto 5.

    I'm not sure what the easiest way to remove duplicate photos would be now, or removing originals that have a duplicate modified photo.
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    That's simply not true. I don't know how it was before iPhoto '06, but i can tell you for sure iPhoto '06 adds the edited versions to the "Modified" folder when you edit the pictures, the originals (edited and never edited pics) are always in Originals. Do not delete that folder unless you know that is exactly what you want.
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    I DID delete originals but mercifully checked iPhoto before emptying the trash. :eek:

    Thank god I checked!
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    IPhoto v5 keeps all photos in the library, and when you modify one, the mod stays in the library and the original is added to the originals folder for possible future revertion.
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    Sooooo - back to the original question is there anything to do except trawling through to find originals that have been modified and deleting them?
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    By looking in the Originals folder you can quickly see the ones that have been modified. Go back one folder level to the library and delete the file of the same name/number. Tedious, but I think it's the only way.
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    You could probably create an automator flow that would do that. It first goes through the "originals" folder, then through the "modified" folder and finds any photos that are the same. I guess it would be up to the user to decide which one would be removed, the original or the modified version of the photo.
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    DO NOT delete your Originals folder in your iPhoto library. I did this a few nights ago, emptied my trash and all of my original/non-modified photos were gone. :mad: Thankfully I had a backup (sans a few weeks worth of photos).

    I found Duplicate Annihilator and it seems to work for removing dupes.
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    I had the same problem and found this on the official iPhoto Discussions. I forget the thread or I'd credit who wrote it but...

    You get a folder in the trash with the pics that have newer modified versions so you can easily check all is well before giving them the final chop.

    Worked great for me and saved alot of space. Again, I did not write this so any credit goes to the folks on Apple Discussions who came up with it.

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