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iPhoto in Mountain Lion

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by martosprint, Jul 23, 2012.

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    When you buy a new computer it comes with all the Apple apps including iPhoto. Now will a new iPhoto be included with the ML download or will it be like a stand alone purchase to be purchased separately after the ML download? I've been wondering about this so I thought I would ask.
    Thanks for a reply 
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    When I did a clean install of Lion, iPhoto was not included. So I guess this won't be any different with Mountain Lion.

    If you got the DVD's that came with your Mac, you can install iLife from there.
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    ML is separate from iLife (iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband). When you get your mac go to the MAS(mac app store) and you will be able to register your copy of iLife there. If you then need to reinstall it you can download it from the purchased tab of the MAS.
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    iPhoto (and the rest of iLife) is not part of the OS, it is included with your mac, but OS upgrades do not do anything to iLife apps.
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    Um... How do you do that? :confused:
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    When you fire up a new Mac with Lion already on it, you will be prompted to out in your AppleID. After doing that and getting Lion started, go to the App Store and and login with the same AppleID. You should now see Garageband, iPhoto, and iMovie available for download free.

    These iLife apps and associated with your Lion AppleID.
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    I got mine with Snow Leopard.
    If I go to the app store now, it won't let me download iLife for free...
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    If your Mac came with Snow Leopard or earlier, you would have received iLife on DVD.
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    Hoped I could get rid of the DVD and just download it from the App Store :)
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    Thanks everyone for all the replies, and you answered my questions.
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    I have a mid 2010 macbook pro with Snow Leopard with the iLife dvd. When i update to Mountain Lion do i have to buy iPhoto again or is there a way to get it for free?
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    You dont need to buy it again because you already own it on disc. Simply install it from the disc as normal and any updates for it will come through MAS. It will not show as 'purchased' on MAS but the updates will install just fine. Same thing applies to iWork if you have that on disc.
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    Thanks FearGhost. I tought that because ML is a new version of the OSX i´ll must have to buy the 9.3 version of iPhoto because mine is 9.2 (Snow Leopard), and i dont have Lion.

    So this way i assume that if i just upgrade to ML the iPhoto gets upfated to or my version will work on ML? If not where are all my photos going?

    Thanks once again
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    I am guessing here but iPhoto wont update to v9.3 if you're running SL? In which case it should update to the latest version once you have upgraded to ML. It should be a limitation of the OS. All your photos are stored in your iPhoto Library which is normally stored in your pictures folder. I would back this up to be safe before you upgrade to ML! But that goes without saying .... :)
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    I'm a first mac user and my MBA will arrive next week. I want to use iweb and I understand that iweb is no longer available in de MAS, is that correct? There is nog DVD-drive in a MBA, so how am I supposed to get iweb on my MBA?
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    No, it wont upgrade because v9.3 is for Lion. I have all backup with Time Machine, i just wish that i didnt have to pay for iPhoto for ML.
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    If you have iLife 11 on a disc you could install using an external DVD drive or through DVD drive sharing from another computer. Yes, iWeb is only available on the DVD version of iLife... It's not on MAS.
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    So I have to get a hold of a copy of iLife 2010 first (2011 doenst have iWeb correct?). Why did Apple stop with iWeb?
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    Ooops, yes you are correct.. although there wasnt an iLife 10,,, you need iLife 09 :)

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