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    Hi guys, I have been using iPhoto and Aperture for a while,iPhoto for managing and Aperture for editing,and through a common iPhoto library.

    But the problem is,whenever I edit a photo in Aperture,it creates a seperate photo in Previews,and keeps the originals in Masters.

    The photos in previews are full sized new photos,and even if I manually delete the original photo from Masters,the edited pic remains in iPhoto and in Previews.So deleting the originals in masters has no effect on editid photos.

    My question is,I don't want to keep my original photos in masters,it just takes double the amount of space on my SSD,isnt there any way to stop Aperture from keeping originals,or a way to delete the originals in a better way ? Manually going through each photo in masters section of iPhoto package contents is practically impossible.And if not,any way to stop Aperture from keeping originals from now on ?

    Any help is appreciated-Thanks.
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    First of all... I do not understand why you would want to use iPhoto for managing your pictures if you have Aperture. A3 is perhaps the best photo management application available... and runs circles around iPhoto.

    Secondly... You should NEVER delete you "Masters" in Aperture. It is a good way to corrupt your library. If you do not want both "Masters" and "Previews"... set up Aperture to not create previews: Aperture>Preferences>Peviews>uncheck "New Projects Automatically Create Previews.

    Another thing you can do is keep previews on... but lower their size. (Same preferences as above).

    Finally... you can also choose to store your Masters off on an external drive using "referenced masters"... and then only keep the previews on your machine. You would do this via Aperture>File>Import>Files>Store Files>In their original location. You can then continue to view, organize manage your files... and still share them with iLife/iWork... even if your external drive containing your originals are offline.

    Finally... you really need to stop poking around in the Aperture library deleting photos (also true with the iPhoto library)... especially if you care about your photos at all. Personally... if it was me and I had poked around in there... I would probably re-import from scratch. You have probably already created database inconsistancies.

    One last thought (reiterating)... just stop using iPhoto and use Aperture the way it is designed to work. It does exactly what you want (only have one copy on your SSD). You are trying to get rid off the wrong one. Keep your full resolution masters off-line... reduce the size of your previews... and you will get tons of space back on your SSD.

    OK... one very last thought: Buy Robert Boyer's ebooks on organization and file structure. They are inexpensive and invaluable. I've read them about 10 times and keep learning. photo.rwboyer.com

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    Thanks,really a lot of helpful information there :)
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    Dave Braine

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    If Aperture works in the same way as iPhoto, the reason behind keeping your original is so that any time in the future, you have the opportunity to "revert to original". Could be quite useful.

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