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    Apple has released their new version of iPhoto, v1.1.1, which can be downloaded from the iPhoto product page. Some new features in this version:
    <ul><li>Adjust brightness and contrast
    <li>E-mail photos easily
    <li>Set desktop background image
    <li>Import from PhotoCD or PictureCD
    <li>Improved printer templates
    <li>Display EXIF photo data
    Brightness and contrast adjustment is great, but if only Apple would implement a Photoshop-like "auto levels", "auto contrast", or "auto color" then those serious about image quality on the printout could take Photoshop out of the loop.
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    Yahoo! Well, I guess that I am lucky that the 1.1 update did not fry my system. Thanks God, I thank you for that one. :eek:
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    A bit quicker on the software forum

    Hehe... I was just a bit quicker to post the news on the software forum... ;-)

    Feels good to have a - dang how do you call it in English - primer? ("primeur" in Dutch -- hot news)

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    On the thought of taking Photoshop out of the loop, I'd just like to comment on a very cool (and free) application called PixelNhance, from Caffeine Software. They recently released an update for it on VersionTracker. I gave it a try, and all I can say is that it is now the chosen app for editing my photos from iPhoto (and I have Photoshop 7!!)

    It does a spectacular job of doing some nice instantly previewable modifications to photos, including a levels like control, brightness/contrast, color alterations, saturation control, sharpness and noise controls, and other stuss I'm prolly forgetting. all of these are completely controllable by the user. Every "panel" has a reset and apply button, so you can choose when the effect is right.

    Now, granted, this applies the alterations to the entire image, so if you need to edit only a portion of the shot, you'll still need something liek Photoshop or Graphic Converter. You can also choose to use iPhoto's built-in stuff for things like cropping and red-eye reduction, which PixelNhance doesn't do.

    Overall though, PixelNhance is a great app, and it's free to boot! Definitely give it a look. I was pleasantly surprised!
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    Re: A bit quicker on the software forum

    Hey Mcfreggle, nice to know that there are other belgian members.

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    ...but the whole point of iPhoto is that it's ready-installed on a new computer for new users, and based on what I've tried of 1.1.1 I'll be upgrading my Dad's computer (B&W G3-400) asap! As per a British ad, "It does what it says on the tin!":)
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    I have PS7 as well as PixelNHance. I actually do prefer the latter for adjusting levels by hand---it seems to give me better results than Photoshop. Very impressive. BUT---in most cases I need not adjust levels by hand, PS's "auto levels/color/contrast" will do it for me. And as far as I can see, PixelNHance does not have a "I'll give it my best shot" option---you need to do it by hand.

    Still, my goal is to get any other app out of the way. I'd like to be able to do those levels within iPhoto and print there. I will be happy when/if that comes about. As for now, I would never commit to paper an image that had not had an auto levels/contrast/color adjustment---it will almost certainly look better after that processing.

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    I am curious as to whether my Viking CF PC Card Adapter will work automagically or not. It is not listed on the Apple web site, but for a Powerbook, I'd much rather use a PC Card adapter than something external.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Better, I like it, but I would like to see some more tools for editing. Its nice to have it all in one ap, not having to open up Photoshop. Maybe in 1.2.
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    I seriously doubt that at this point Apple is going to undermine their new success and pit themselves further against premier developers like Adobe. They've already done a good job of that with FCP and the coming Shake X app.. If Apple does too much software development it will leave them in the position of being the sole major app developer for Mac, and I don't think they would want to go there.. it would stagnate the Mac market and put all the current developers over to Windows only development again..

    iPhoto is a photo management, not really a photo editing application. The simple editing tools are a courtesy (just enough to make images from a digital camera presentable), but I doubt you'll see any new editing enhancements in the arena of photoshop features. After all, iPhoto is an iApp.. and the iApps aren't for professional use.. if Apple's gonna go there, they'll release something called Photo Studio Pro or something like that if they keep their destinct naming conventions.
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    for version 1.1 i'm pretty happy. i still will need photoshop for some editing, but to me the major bonus of having iphoto is the organization of my pictures. i had random folders of photos that were not always sorted properly. it's an i-app. it's not meant to be a photoshop killer. i can see it keeping people from installing Adobe's Photo Deluxe (photo editing software often bundled with scanners and digi cams). the organization, editing, printing, slideshow, webpage publishing and bound photo album features of iphoto just make it an application with no equal that i know of.
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    This is a wonderfull update, but when the hell are they going to get scanner support into this thing. Heck, when will it be a standard part of OS X?

    My father-in-law (whom I've spoken of here before - he's very computer illiterate) got a great deal on a Canon n1240u scanner and even got the classic software installed by himself, but is having a bugger of a time figuring out how to even just print from whatever software they gave him. (Not to mention how to send a picture via email)
    I haven't had time to sit on the phone and walk him through anything (he's 1500 miles away), but that's why he bought the iMac in the first place!

    Come on Apple, either light a fire under the scanner manufacturers butts or licence technology from that Hamrick software guy or something. OS X is over 1 year old and there is next-to-no scanner support!!! This is a huge hole in the digital hub!
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    Don't install the upgrade!

    It just destroyed my entire photo Album!
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    Photoshop out of the loop??

    I don't think apple should kick photoshop out of the loop!! that would really make adobe angry!!!! isn't adobe one of their best partners?? I think Apple doesn't want to make iPhoto too good just good enough... Apple doesn't want people to stop buying PhotoShop if that happens Adobe might stop making it!!


    P.S. I'm mostly a reader not a poster
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    iPhoto cannot hold a candle to Photoshop...no way!!!

    I'm downloading it right now....25 MB?! :rolleyes: ;)
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    Replace Adobe Photoshop! I think not. PS is a way better program. iphoto is just for new computer users. It's a nice program don't get me wrong, but in no way will it replace PS.
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    PC convert Q

    hey everyone -

    I am going to buy my ibook (hopefully) very soon - once the new revision comes out -

    I just read above that iphoto "you can email pictures easily."

    anyone know how? or is it easily to other Mac iPhoto users. Come to think of it, 99% of my friends at school and family use PC.
    (I know I'll get toasted for asking about this)


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    Re: Photoshop out of the loop??

    Out of the loop in the process of importing images into iPhoto -> printing. Clearly iPhoto is not competition for PS. I just wish I did not need to go to a 3rd party app to get a quick auto levels before printing. I use PS all the time.

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    Hey under printing it has the option to print more than one picture per page, but it is greyed out on mine?

    Anyone have info on this option?

    Nevermind. You have to select more than one photo to do this. Great addition to the software though.
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    Re: PC convert Q

    I'm sure you can send pics to PCs too.. I think it just meant that you can easily attach photos to emails... you know... make them small enough so they wont take long to up/download and stuff like that... a prog came with my canon that did that stuff it converts the pictures to JPEG and it changed its size and quality then it attaches it to your default email application...

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    seding pics

    hey GeorgeC97

    i just used iPhoto 1.1 and sent some pics to my friends in the dorm (most use windows) and it worked fine
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    Thanks for the review of PixelNHance by Caffeine software. I have mentioned it several times in these forums, everytime someone whined about iPhoto or Photoshop (pre X). No one ever seemed to respond that they had tried it. You are so right...it is excellent. If it hasn't already been mentioned, PNH integrates with iPhoto so that when you click on the photo you want to edit, PNH opens the edit function seamlessly.

    Its great and its free!
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    Other features?

    What other features would others like to see in iPhoto? Here's a short list I have...

    1) Sub-Albums in Photo Albums. Why do I need 15 albums about my kid, when I could have one master album, and 14 sub-albums.

    2) Hot-button keyword assign during slide show. I take a lot of pics. The best way to preview the pics is by the slideshow. It would be great to be able to "tag" a photo with a keyword during the slide show.

    3) Email via "entourage" and not just the Apple Mail program.

    4) Archive Albums/Rolls to CD or other drives (with location recall).

    5) Locked/Hidden photo albums.

    That's a start...

    Note: made edit to change "outlook" to "entourage" since that is what I really meant. ;)
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    those sound like pretty good ideas timothy...

    can you send em via entourage? i don't really use iphoto so i haven't tried....

    locked/hidden pictures eh? keep those pesky kids away from the porn! haha

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