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iPhotos on your TV via Rendezvous

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by medea, Jan 7, 2003.

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    January 7, 2003?The rapid adoption of Rendezvous? continues with TiVo, Brother and Aspyr today announcing new products incorporating Rendezvous networking. Rendezvous is Apple?s innovative networking technology for automatic discovery and connection of devices over industry-standard IP networks such as Ethernet and 802.11 wireless networks. Using Rendezvous, consumer devices such as stereos and digital video recorders can automatically find and ?talk? to any Macs on their local wired or wireless network, making it possible for users to stream audio from iTunes® to their home stereo and display iPhotos on their TVs.
    ?Rendezvous is enabling groundbreaking new products from companies like TiVo, Brother and Aspyr,? said Philip Schiller, Apple?s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. ?These Rendezvous enabled products give consumers the ability to stream audio from iTunes to their home stereo, display iPhotos on their TVs, connect a printer in seconds and eliminate the complexity barriers of playing networked games.?
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    But can you grap recorded shows off of the Tivo?

    If not, then its useless.
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    Well it states ?TiVo?s upcoming premium service package will use Rendezvous technology to automatically discover Macs within the home network and determine which services they provide, allowing customers to listen to their shared music or view their shared photos on their TV,? said Jim Barton, co-founder and CTO for TiVo. ?We are excited about working with Apple on other ways Rendezvous can help TiVo Series2 DVRs connect to a Mac to deliver future services.? so no it doesnt look like you will be able to watch TiVo on your mac yet, but it's a good start and a good sign of what is to come soon. I won't buy the TiVo but I'm excited about what will come soon.
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    No Apple-branded set-top box

    Well, I think this definitely suggests that Apple will NOT come out with a set-top box as had been speculated. Rather, it looks like Apple's strategy is to stick to its bread and butter and focus on integration. Thus, we have iSync integrating with phones and PDAs (so no iPhone), and now we have Rendezvous enabling integration with a Tivo set-top box. So I guess the only new device that hasn't been shot down yet would be the iTablet/iPad type form factor. I still think it's a great computing device if done right. The best idea I read (on these forums) was for a "satellite" type of tablet that would mostly act as a "smart display" for another device (e.g. an iMac or PowerMac), but with enough computing power so that you could actually take it with you and use it as a full mobile device if you really wanted to (but we're talking light duty - mainly web browsing, document editing, etc.). And I would say to be successful such a device would have to cost at most $700 in today's dollars.
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    Yeah, you'll have to pay TiVo $99 for the features, and buy a $20 USB-Ethernet dongle, but it'll still be cool. I know I'll buy it just to say I've tried it :D
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    [ personal attack removed ]
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