iPod 1G and 2G question: Firewire to USB

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iCantwait, Oct 15, 2008.

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    with the Firewire 1G and 2G ipods, can i get a FWtoUSB cable and will it work?

    ...fricking lack on FW on MBs
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    Firewire and USB signals are not compatible, and AFAIK no one makes any type of converter or adapter for this purpose.
    Unfortunately it may be time to upgrade that iPod, or sync it with a desktop with firewire.
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    thats not true. when i bought my 3rd gen ipod, it was firewire only unless i bought a USB cord, but it came with a FWtoUSB adapter. but its not the firewire400. it looks like the one on the right
  4. mzd
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    that adapter that came with the old 3G is a mini-firewire to reg firewire adapter. some laptops used to have the mini-firewire port.
    to my knowledge, there is no firewire - USB adapter.
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    What he said. I've been looking (out of curiosity) and no one makes a firewire -> USB adapter of any kind.
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    Yes, Virginia, there IS a Firewire <-> USB adapter!

    Apparently made by Pixela. Note that some of the resellers say "not Mac compatible," but I suspect from the context that the problem is with drivers or the accompanying software that converts the files, not with the basic cable itself; or, certainly worth someone conjuring up a Mac OSX driver!

    Here's the basic link to Pixela:

    and to another reseller (minus the software, but similar price):

    and to a .pdf brochure (notes, again, "not Mac compatible") from the second source:
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    Not only is that only for PC, but also it's not a converter. It's a DV video capture device.
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    And that is an adapter for a network cable tester.

    Can't you actually research before posting instead wasting the time of the people who know better just because you want to look smart?
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    Cube, thanks for the comment and interpretation. For what it's worth, a conversation earlier today with the manufacturer (before I posted) indicated that the cable itself is only a protocol converter -- the accompanying capture-and-format software is what makes it into a video capture tool. But, maybe I misunderstood your post.

    The cable itself is purely -- according to Pixela -- a translation device. It does no capture, does not reformat or otherwise change the data other than the packets and protocols. The only reason why it's "not for Mac" is that it does not have any drivers for OSX; the engineer with whom I spoke said that they're actively (after a LOT of inquiries, today!) looking into writing Mac drivers, but no one there knows a thing about the platform. Which suggests, again, that someone looking into the device specs and willing to write hooks for the Mac would be a hero. I'm not knowledgeable for that one!

    Anyway, thanks.

    (See also: > Can't you actually research before posting instead wasting the time of the people who know better just because you want to look smart?)

    Just nudgin' ya a little... I jump in hastily far, far more often than you do. I read your posts and I value your opinion and insights! Thanks, again.

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