iPod 2nd Gen PC version used with a Mac?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by TurboRiceCooker, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Disregard this post, go to my next one!

    I just bought a 2nd gen iPod off ebay and to my luck, it was a PC version. I upgraded the hard drive to 30GB and tried to restore it using iTunes on my iMac. Thing is, it's not showing. I'm tried to format the iPod using disk utility but it just hangs in the middle. So am I gonna have to sync this iPod with a PC then? It's gonna be a pain in the ass to transfer all of my music to my VMWare partition....
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    Ok so the hanging problem is due to the hard drive, it's not supported by this iPod. I put in the original 10GB to try again. The problem with this is it doesn't show in iTunes. The iPod functions fine, I can listen to the previous owners music, etc. Disk mode works fine, I see it on my desktop as a hard drive and I can transfer files to and from it fine. Likewise on windows. Just doesn't want to show on iTunes!!
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    try a going into diagnostics: Hold down the menu and canter button until the screen goes blank, then immediately switch to holding down the rewind and center button. the apple logo should appear, and you should be able to run diagnostic tests. I haven't used this model, but if the scroll wheel doesn't work to navigate the menus, us the ff/rw buttons. good luck! :p;)
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    Alright I will try that as soon as my... PISMO POWERBOOK G3 FINISHES SYNCING WITH IT!
    Gah, so after fiddling with it on my iMac and my Windows box, I was saw my Pismo PB sitting on my shelf, so I thought what the hell. I plug it in, iTunes requests me to restore the iPod. So I'm currently filling up the obscenely large 10GB space :D Old technology goes well with old technology it seems lol.
    I'll report back once I get into diagnostics mode and hopefully get it to sync with my iMac.
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    Unexpected turnaround, I just sold that iPod to my friend for twice what I bought it for. I didn't even have it in possession for 4 hours lol. With that money I bought myself a real 2nd gen off ebay in pristine condition. Hopefully now everything will work out!
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    Good for you! :D

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