iPod 4 Sale $30,000 ono

Discussion in 'iPod' started by OzExige, Apr 3, 2008.

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    Considering it was a group of high rollers, and the auction was for charity...no.
    Yeash, 420 diamonds!!!
    Only thing i didn't like is that it came with the old style earbuds.
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    Good 'pick-up' :D
    Of course, you're right about the charity part.
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    The last time I checked, £20.000 is about $40.000, not $30k...
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    Maybe everyone's starting to expect a recession?
    Can't understand it myself, our (Oz) economy is booming with 4.0% inflation and another after another interest rate increase PLUS 1.6% unemployment PLUS record tenancy and rents,
    go figure :confused:

    Though I hasten to say, we are not the world's biggest economy, just one of the most expensive places to live.
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    considering how bad some of the other gold and diamond versions of ipods have looked lie this actually had style.
    I can see some one wearing this at a really boring dinner party...:rolleyes::p:D
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    Hopefully relatively few little boys and girls in Sierra Leone had to lose their arms for that....

    Or there isn't any chance it was made with synthetic diamonds, is there?
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    oh really? well I'll have you knew, that my dinner partais are not bourgeois little affairs, despite the ban on listening to iPods at the dinner table! :p
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    Looks like a good deal. You know you waaaaaanit.
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    If it was a recession, it would become worth even more in USD, not less.
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    umm, well can't vouchsafe for that, though I'm pretty sure our diamond mine in Argyle Western Australia doesn't employ kids and I hasten to add I truly wish they didn't in third world mines.
    As I supplier of mining equipment to many sites around the world I have heard of horrific stories about mine workers being entombed and a new shaft being sunk alongside, it scares the crap outta me.
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    ahh, I stand corrected,

    there are many stupid answers to choose from.

    Is there going to be a recession in the US?
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    That's the entire problem about diamonds. They're difficult, if not impossible, to trace back to their origin. And the companies at the DeBeers level of buying bulk diamonds and bringing them to market have little credibility. And so there's no way to know for sure, even though many natural diamonds are harvested using safe and acceptable practices..... :(
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    Not an expert on diamonds, I have purchased a couple of synthetic emeralds though.
    but it begs the question about the amount of energy resources expended in the manufacture of synthetic bling?
    crap, what am I saying?

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