iPod 5.5 80 gig vs. iPod Classic 160 gig Size?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by joshwest, Sep 5, 2007.

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    is the 160 gig thinner then the previous 80 gig?
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    according to steve from the keynote he says that it is :)
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    Chupa Chupa

    Yes, but ever so slightly.
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    found it

    just to let everyone know new 80 gig classic
    housing 10.55mm old 30 gig 10.9mm, new 160 gig
    housing 13.5mm old 80 gig housing 13.97, so i think
    the thickness has only came down .4mm on both models
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    Could that be just the difference in the housings?
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    Here's the question though: do we need new design protective cases or we can get away with the protective cases now used for the 5.5G iPod video? :confused:
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    Tom B.

    Hard cases won't work, but soft cases will.
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    remember too that the edges are more rounded, so (considereing also the half mm difference) cases might not fit as snugly
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    I plan to use a soft case since most hard cases add way too much weight to the player. This isn't like my current 2G iPod nano, where I use a DLO case that adds very little to the weight of the player. :)
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    I love my little sleve that came with my 5th Gen iPod, it's thin, lightweight and protects the iPod well. If the classic doesn't come with one I am just going to use my old one. I lost it for about 8 months so I know what can happen to the screen and the chrome backing if you leave it unprotected in your pocket, I am not letting the classic get scratched like my 5th Gen did.
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    The best thing for protecting against scratches is the all over plastic film. That works great and keeps the iPod nice.

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