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Discussion in 'iPod' started by decksnap, Feb 11, 2006.

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    So my relatively new iPod takes a while to turn on sometimes. Basically, when I go to turn it on, none of the buttons will turn it on except for the top (menu) button. At that point, I see the Apple logo for about 3 or 4 long seconds, then it turns on. I'm told this isn't normal, and certainly wasn't normal on my old 2G.

    It actually seems like this only happens when the last thing I had been viewing was video. If I had been listening to a song and pause it and shut it off, it comes on right away when I go to turn it on, and with any button. When I do the same with a video, I get the problem described above. Does anybody else have this issue, or do you think I should bring it in?
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    I've been just recently getting this same issue, but it applies (in my case) with video or music. Each time I start it up (any button works for me), it looks like it does after it runs out of batteries.
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    Mine takes awhile to turn on... and mine can only be turned on by the top menu button. Also, when the silver apple against the black background is displayed initially, it is very very dim. I know it's not supposed to be like this, because other times (like right after charging) it is bright, as it is supposed to be.
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    mine turns on okay but is a swine to turn off.
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    Do you think this is only after the last thing you watched was video? Yes, mine is the same about the screen brightness- the backlight is off so the logo almost looks inverted or something.
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    And what do you guys think... hardware or software issue?
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    same here.. namely after i play a video.. if i turn it on and just play music it shuts off fine. but if i play a video, i have to go back and play music, or sometimes even then it doesn't shut off.. i usually just pause it and let it go off itself.
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    Actually, I've yet to watch a video on my ipod (!), so this could not be the issue :confused:
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    Mine sometimes has difficulties with turning off (prolly a standard 5g issue), but the most confounding error of this sort is when it hasn't been on for maybe 12 hours or more, I'll push a button to turn it on and the apple symbol shows. Then the screen goes blank for a second, then a screen saying "apple.com/support." Then after a second Apple logo screen, it turns on, and works perfectly. It's really strange. I've reformatted the HD, restored the data and updated the firmware. It doesn't make any sense. I'll take it to an Apple store for some help if I ever get around to it.
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    I have the same issues w/ my 5G. not a big deal really as long as it doesnt completely freeze. you have to remember there's a lot of data in there and any electronic equipment/chip will need some time to sort out all that digital info. I started getting used to the iPod quirks when my iPhoto experienced problems whenever I used the slideshow function w/ TV OUT. after exiting the slideshow function, all the buttons would freeze for a minute or 2 and the cursor/highlight would move up and down like crazy. but when the HD stabilizes, the iPod works fine. I think it's the same for the 5G.
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    Same for me exactly. Mine mainly only turns on by the top menu button and when it comes on it is always a very dim silver apple against a black background. I wasn't aware this wasn't normal behavior as mine has always behaved this way. Only had my video iPod for about a month now. Anyone else's do this? Should I be concerned?

    Although one difference is mine is not bright right after charging. It *always* turns on with the very dim silver apple against the black background.
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    From what I've come to learn I think this is actually the normal intended behavior. After like ten hours or something of being off it is in 'deep sleep' or whatever. So when you turn it on it does the boot up thing, unlike if you were to shut it off now and turn it back on in five minutes, which would be instant.
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    Thanks decksnap. :)

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