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iPod 5th gen black or white?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tdogg20, Oct 23, 2005.

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    Im not sure which color to get. I heard that the black makes the picture look darker, and that scratches show up easier, but the black looks nice if you can keep it in decent shape. Which one should i get, if im going to be using it mostly on buses, a little bit of running/working out. Im not sure which color would be better for me so any replies are greatly appreciated. Please specify which color you think would be better for my situation, and why.
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    I've been debating over the same thing.
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    I debated over and over, then I ordered the black and havn't looked back since. It was the best decision I made. Its truly stunning when you see it in person. I assume you would get a case for it either way because of the account of possible screen scratching so I might go for the black if you really want it and don't worry as much about the scratching, get an invisible sheild type cover!
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    You know I have a 4th gen 60gb white photo, a 4gb white nano. I thought from all the hype that I wanted the black 60gb video but was just at the apple store today and was going to get the black on but after looking at them decided on the white one. Ofcourse they were all out of the 60gb version so I had to leave but I think for sure I will get the white one. The black one shows too many fingerprints and scratches. And yes they scratch easily. I rubbed the screen with my fingernail, scratch. I rubbed it on the counter, big scratch. It wasn't hard. All of the ipod screens there are scratched. Think I might wait until they make a less scratch prone model with an 80gb drive.

    But yeah white is the only way to go.
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    i like the black, but with screen scarthces it would show to much, plus an ipod is white, and should always be white. so i'm prob gonna go with the white....
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    I really like how the black looks. Im going to the apple store on thursday will i be able to see a white 5th gen and a black one out of the box on display? Are there any sort of screen/iPod protectors that they have for the 5th gen?
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    Here was my thoughts about going with black.

    1. Had the 3rd gen. white ipod...I was simply tired of white.
    2. My nano is well protected so the scratches was a non factor.
    3. It matches my home theater and my computer speakers.

    IMHO the black one doesnt make images look darker.
    Now if Apple would only make black headphones and armband!
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    Yea, apple stores have them all out for you to listen to and use.
    There are a ton of 3rd party protectors. I went with theinvisibleshield...I
    like it a lot.
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    i went to south shore plaza today and they had the new banners up for everything, but didn't have any out or to buy that i saw... if you call up apple, they said they will have it the the 25th....but who knows...
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    So whats the deal is the invisible shield more like a skin, or more like a bag that goes over your iPod, and does it allow you to use the touch wheel easily, and what is the price? Also can you get them at the apple store?
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    GET THE WHITE! I got the white, and wondered how cool the black looked and whether I made the wroing choice, untill yesterday, when I went to the apple store, the dark gray click wheel on the black doesn't really match the black ipod, and also the white interface looks better on the white than the black. Also the black gets more scratches.. I'm happy I got the white, besides its the original color of the ipod.

    Don't forget, the dock and the remote are in white, so if you get the black it won't really match. Most of the other accessories are in white too. WHITE ALL THE WAY! :cool:
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    Its just an adhesive skin. www.theinvisibleshield.com
    Its scratch resistant and has lifetime warrranty.
    its ~20 bucks, a bit steep but I think in the long run, Im going to be
    happy. Didnt want a case cause it adds uneccessary bulk and hides
    the beauty that is ipod! They have skin version with the wheel cutout.

    here is a good read about it: http://www.rainydaymagazine.com/RDM...tember2005/RDMGG_InvisibleShieldFirstLook.htm
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    Black or White

    I looked at both of them close. The black shows everything... The white gets affected too you just don't notice it. The deal maker/breaker for me? I buy a black iPod and I STILL get white headphone buds, white dock, white cables and other white acc. Maybe I am a purist. I think the Black is nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to own one. The back of an iPod is bad enough to take care much less the front.
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    Screen Protector

    A cheap method that works is to get the screen protectors for a Palm / Pocket PC and cut them to fit on your iPod. They are cheap, and work great.
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    I recommend PowerSupport for scratch protection, especially if you choose black.

    I'm going with white, because I'm old school like that, and I'm still not into this shift to black. I like white Apple. :)
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    I think Apple's initial demand is for a ton of black. However, after a while, the white starts selling better again.

    I was tempted to buy the black. However, I've always loved my white iPods, and it will match all my other Apple products. If scratches are less visible, there is another bonus.

    However, if you think the black looks sweet, you should get it and enjoy it. Whatever seems right to you.
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    I ordered the 30g black one. I like black .. it looks cool :)

    Order Oct18 .. Shipped Oct24 ... Oct27 In my hand :)
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    did the same thing. for $20 you can wrap your ipod like 7 times
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    I am partial to the classic white just my opinion :cool:
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    I bought the black one but wish I ordered the white...

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