Ipod 5th gen video 30gb help...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Gilgland, Jul 8, 2008.

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    My friend has a 5thgen ipod video 30GB....black n color if that makes a difference...
    Any way this thing will not respond @ all. Id call it a brick except it works when she puts it on her dock radio (radio that plays music off the ipod)....but it will not link up 2 her computer (PC) or mine (powerbook)....I hav tried resetting it...and nothing....I am kinna @ a loss...any 1 that could help me out would b awesome.thanks

    Nothing will come up on the iPod's screen whether it is pluged n or not...

    Ok not 30seconds after posting this I held it up 2 the light and noticed a meseg on the screen saying "please wait battery verry low" and a loading symbol...but it now has gone away and nothing again...
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    how long did you wait? I had to leave one all night once
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    well thisll b night 2...all i can get out of it is the "please wait the battery is verry low" mesg. Im thinkin the battery may hav died....? Thanks 4 the quick reply :)
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    battery may be dead for good

    is it an old ipod? I had my video for over a year with no problem. my brother has it now, still works fine. I can just hope this ipod touch lasts as long.
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    Thats what Im thinkin it might b....It is a 2005 so 3 years old...well i guess I can buy one of those battery replacement kits...i think there like $30 or so. Thannks 4 the help :)

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