iPod 60G and humidity

Discussion in 'iPod' started by frankhaelmann, Sep 6, 2005.

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    Hello! I have a 6 month old iPod but I've allready head 2 problems. After being 3 days on a boat in Indonesia, my Ipod didn't do anything. It only gave a :( face on the screen. After 4 weeks, everything worked again. Four weeks ago, I let it in a car for 2 days, and there was a lot of humidity (when I went for holidays, the sun was shining). In both cases, there was a lot of humidity, but the iPod was not in water. Is there anybody who has some advice? On this moment it doesn't work, and I don't like the :( screen. My computer doesn't recognise anything...

    Thx for answering!
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    my iPod has done this many times and has been sent to apple for repair. after a while i got so pissed at it that i just through it against the wall and it started working again.

    mine might just be a loose connection, but im not really sure about the humidity issue, i would just bring it in with you at night when you are not in your car. then see how it goes. if things still go awry then i would contact apple since it is still under warranty.
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    Mine gave me its first :( icon about a week ago, after which i promptly demanded repair (free, covered under the one year warranty), and bought a student applecare package. Now any future :( icons will be fixed for free, not even a S+H charge. Cool beans.
    Is it possible that they would replace an iPod in this event? I'm still waiting for mine, hoping it'll be a fresh new one.
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    hahahahahahaha apple give you an BRAND NEW iPod will definetly not happen. i thought they would do this for me after my 3rd repair but hell no. cheap bastards!
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    Every time I have taken my 3G iPod in they have given me a new iPod - the same model but new nevertheless. 3 times now.
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    ...I wouldn't say that. My friend has gone through 7.. that's right, SEVEN ipods due to damages, and each time they were replaced, not repaired. Almost every one of the replacements could have been a simple HD swap or front plate replacement, but Apple decided to send a new one.

    ...Cheap bastards? I really don't think so.

    I'm just wondering if this issue is commonly resolved by replacement or repair.
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    Thx for the replies guys! I see that I''m not the only one with the problem, so I better take it to the repair shop, praying for a new one. Does Apple give a guarantee on their repairs?


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