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iPod 80GB just blinks apple logo on black screen..

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mg2, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. mg2
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    iPod 80GB just blinks apple logo on black screen. It must be restarted three times in a row to even be recognized on iTunes. It then prompts for recovery and restoring. Sometimes it wont even let me do either. If it does, and i sync it, sometimes it wont even let me do that. the one time it has let me completely sync it, it played about 30seconds of music and began playing loud feedback. It then went blank and the whole process started over. I have formatted, restarted, and recovered it several times and it still wont work.
    its just about a year old. HELP
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    Then it's still (just!) covered by warranty. Dig out your receipt and scurry over to Apple. It sounds like your hard drive's messed up.
  3. mg2
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    i bought it from Target, and Apple doesnt recognize it as under warranty
    i typed in the serial number
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    Hmm interesting. If you have a receipt saying you bought it less than a year ago then I'd be taking it up with someone. Firstly with Target. My brother's iPod broke in under a year, he went back to the store (not an Apple store) with the receipt, the store sent it off to Apple who sent my brother a new one.
  5. mg2
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    i dont have the reciept, which is a real bummer. it was a gift. I was planning on going to target and talking to someone, hoping they have the purchase online, but since i dont have the reciept im not positive when it was purchased..it was pretty close to now, but could have easily been the beginning of may.
    my hope was that i would be able to fix the problem myself without having to delve into that corporate mayhem. Ive been so careful with it, it seems like its a problem that could be easily fixed, but apple tech support was no help whatsoever!
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    Ah that's a bummer. Want to embrace the spirit of repairing? To me at least it sounds like a bad drive, I've been in iPods before and they're often not too complicated, I've never had to open a Classic though. Have a read around online, start at iFixit.com to see their guidelines on taking it apart and replacing the HD and then there's a site called ifixipodsfast.com which has videos of replacements.
    If you think it's something you can handle then you can get the part from either of those websites, alternatively the 2nd one will repair your iPod for you. I've used it for parts before without any trouble. Also they'll perform a diagnostic for you if you want to be sure. :)

    Replacing a drive is probably cheaper than buying a new iPod.
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    I've been having similar probelms. Mine says it needs to be restored becaue it's in "recovery mode" but when I click restore it has an error, and ejects it from iTunes.

    Very annoying.

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